Презентация "Сlothes in fashion"

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Сlothes in fashion № 1 What would you wear to a party? A new or a traditional dress? № 2 How much time do you spend to go out? More 15 minutes? Less? Or 5 minutes only? № 3 What do you usually wear? Jeans? What is in fashion? № 4 Why do you like your clothes? № 5 If you see the dress but no money… Forget? Dream? Borrow money and buy? № 6 How often do you buy fashion magazines? Very often? Time to time? Never? The teachers Fashion victims - 80 % Have own style - 20 % The girls of 3 “A” Fashion victims - 40 % Have own style - 60 % NO who aren’t fashion-conscious at all! Hooray! Fashion in “Rostok” forever! THANKS FOR ATTENTION!