План-конспект урока "Holidays and Celebrations"

Holidays and Celebrations
План-конспект урока
1. Мотивационный этап:
- Good afternoon, boys and girls. I am your teacher today. My name is Natalia Ibragimovna,
and I am a happy person! Are you happy people too? What makes you happy? (… make(s) me
happy!) ответы детей по цепочке.
- I have interviewed my students about things that make them happy. Lets watch and
discuss! (видеоролик о том, что делает счастливым моих пятиклассников)
- What things did they mention?
(sweets, friends, family, dancing, walking, gifts, balloons, tasty food)
- Ok, when can we have it all at once? (When can we meet with friends and family, have tasty
food, dance, give and get gifts?) […] Yes, you are right, it can be when we have some
celebration! Do you like celebrations? Raise your hand who likes! […] And what is your
favourite one? […] Well, there are many different holidays and celebrations. But I think we
should arrange one more, a new celebration for everyone The Day of Friends! Are you for?
- Ok, start working! Tell me about the Day of Friends! […] Of course, you can’t do it without a
plan! Let’s plan our work. To tell about a celebration we have to…
1) Recollect vocabulary and grammar;
2) Make a plan;
3) Tell about the holiday.
- Well, let’s work in groups to arrange a party for the Day of Friends! You have coloured
ribbons, help each other to put them on your wrists. (помогают друг другу завязать
ленточки на запястье) Each colour has its meaning, so you will have different roles:
Green discipline keeper (you are to watch the discipline and to keep your group calm),
Red time manager (you are to watch the time, to tell your team about it),
Blue secretary (you are to write down all the ideas of the group),
Yellow instructor (you are to control the work of your group, to tell them what to do).
(читают в распечатке о своих ролях)
- Is it clear? Do you have any questions? […]
2. Активизация материала:
- Now you have to recollect vocabulary and grammar to speak about our new celebration.
Each colour has their tasks. So, now gather in groups of green, red, blue and orange, read
your tasks and do it during 3 minutes. If you are ready, just raise your hands.
1 группа (green): повторяют по бланкам лексику, связанную с праздничными занятиями.
2 группа (red): повторяют лексику по теме Еда.
3 группа (blue): повторяют грамматический материал по теме Future Simple.
4 группа (yellow): разрабатывают содержание пригласительных открыток.
3. Отработка лексико-грамматического материала:
- Now return in your groups, the work goes on! You will be teachers for your groups. And we’ll
start with the green. Check if all of you know the vocabulary about Holiday Activities. You
have got 3 minutes. Watch the time and be polite and positive! […]
- So, time’s up, now I want to see what you know. Read the activities in the slide and think if
we can do it on the Day of Friendship. Tick pluses in your green papers. Only yellow group
member can answer. […]
- If you like the work of your group show me your “like” (or “dislike”).
- Now red students, it’s your turn to be the teachers! Check if all the students in your group
know the words on the topic Food. You have got 3 minutes. Then I’ll give you some task.
Watch the time and be polite! […]
- Ok, time’s up, I hope you know all the words. Let’s check it and take the quiz on the
computers. You should be as fast and correct as you can! (викторина в Quizzez)
- If you like the work of your group show me your “like” (or “dislike”).
- Fine, you’ve done great job! Let’s go on. And now it’s time to brush up your grammar, and
blue students become teachers. You have 2 minutes to speak about Future Simple. You can
speak Russian now. Watch the time and be active in your groups. […]
- So, we’ve completed the first part of our plan. Would you give it “like” or “dislike”?
- Now we have to discuss what information we should take for our stories about a new
celebration. (Date, gifts, food, traditions/ activities, …)
- Now you are to use your knowledge arranging the text about our new celebration The Day
of Friends. You have 3 minutes to complete the text. Ready, steady, go! Watch the time and
think carefully. […]
- Well, let’s check your tasks and read the text together. I will ask only green students (in
turn). […]
- If you like the work of your group show me your “like” (or “dislike”).
4. Применение знаний:
- Great! We have almost arranged stories about The Day of Friends. What points of our plan
have you got? […] Yes! But some information in the text is missed. Now make full stories
about the celebration and prepare invitation cards. Yellow students, you are the teachers
now! Then you are to get ready for the presentation. You’ve got detailed instructions and 5
minutes to do it. Watch the time and be active! […]
5. Презентация работ (Speaking):
- We have done excellent job and groups are ready to present their stories about The Day of
Friends. Listen to each other attentively, be polite! […]
- If you like the work of your group show me your “like” (or “dislike”).
- Would you like to visit their party? What would you bring them as a gift? What do you want
to wish them? […]
- So, our plan has been completed. we’ve done all the tasks.
6. Рефлексия:
- Good job, boys and girls! Now you can create your own celebrations and have them every
day! And I hope someday you’ll celebrate The Day of Friends with your friends)) Look at the
slide. This is The Friendship Tree. Put your smiles on them. If you liked our lesson and your
work give me a positive smile, if not very much then put a neutral smile, and if you didn’t
like it at all then put negative smile. […]
- Thank you, boys and girls! You are good pupils and, I am sure, good friends. As a sign of my
pleasure with your work you can take these colourful ribbons home. It’s my gift to you! Good-