Открытый урок "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" 5 класс

МБОУ «Лицей 4» г. Королев
Московской области
Открытый урок
«Merry Christmas and Happy New Year»
(5 класс)
Учитель английского языка
МБОУ Лицей № 4
Котюх Л.П.
г. Королев
Конспект урока.
Предмет: английский язык.
Тема урока: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Цель урока: Формирование коммуникативных и социокультурных
Задачи урока.
активизация и закрепление в речи изученных лексических единиц по
теме «Merry Christmas and Happy New Year»;
активизация навыков чтения;
активизация умений монологической речи;
отработка навыков произношения, развитие практических речевых
формирование положительной мотивации учения;
развитие творческих способностей;
развитие внимания воображения догадки;
развитие умения работать в парах, группах;
развитие интереса к изучению иностранного языка
развитие познавательного интереса к культуре другой страны.
воспитание уважительного отношения друг к другу, взаимопомощи;
интеллектуальное развитие личности в процессе изучения языка и
воспитание уважения к традициям и обычаям, как части культуры
разных стран мира;
формирование картины окружающего мира во всем его
Тип урока: коммуникативный.
Средства обучения:
Биболетова М.З. Enjoy English 5, титул, 2012;
компьютерные презентации.
Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор.
коммуникативно-ориентированное обучение;
личностно ориентированное;
учебно-познавательная активность;
здоровье-сберегающие технологии (профилактика умственного
перенапряжения путем смены видов деятельности, создание атмосферы
психологического комфорта на уроке).
Ход урока
Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you!
1. Let’s start our work
What season is it now?
It’s winter.
Is it cold today?
Yes; it is.
Is it snowing?
Is it frosty or windy?
What date is it today?
It’s the 23rd of December.
2. Now I want you to look at the screen. These are the symbols of a holiday.
What do you think we are going to speak about today? (слайд 1)
About New Year and Christmas.
Right you are.
Are they family holidays?
Yes, they are.
Do you like these holidays?
Yes, of course.
Why do you like them ?
We get presents from Ded Moroz, have winter holidays, ski skate, make snowmen.
3. Let’s pronounce these words all together. (слайд 2)
Santa Claus bell turkey wreath
sleign carol candle stocking
Christmas tree reindeer pudding ornaments
Christmas card present garland candy cane
4. Now make sentences with the given words. (слайд 3)
1 decorate/ We / usually/ garlands/ candles/ stockings/ and/ with/ our/ flat/
Christmas Eve/ on.
2 will/ Christmas/ Where/ celebrate/ you?
3 cards/ Christmas/ Do/ buy/ you?
4 mother/pudding/My/cooks/roast turkey/and .
5 The/ Santa Claus/ at night/ brings/ reindeer/ in/ magic sleigh.
6 The English/ Christmas wreath/ put/ on/ the/ front door.
7 Parents/ leave/ the Christmas tree/ presents/ under.
8 decorate/ candy canes/ with/ Christmas tree/ People/ coloured ornaments.
Well done.
5. Now we’ll speak about Christmas and New Year celcbrations in English speaking
Can you name them?
Great Britain , Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand.
Look at the screen .
What city is it?
It’ s London.
Why do you think so?
There is Nelson Column in the middle of the square and a big Christmas tree.
6. We’ll read the text to learn how the British celebrate Christmas.
It’s more important in this country than New Year.
Open your textbooks at p.72 ex.68. There are two texts. They are the same, but
some information is missing. You must fill the missing details.
7. Do ex. 69. (T or F)
8. Well, we’ve learnt about Christmas celebrations in England.
But in one part of Great Britain there is a very interesting New Year tradition. I’ve
asked some of you to prepare the information about it. Let’s listen to it.
9. You are tired a little. Let’s rest. (физкультминутка)
10. Let’s continue your work. What country will be the next? America, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand. (презентация)
11. Today we’ve learnt a lot about Chriztmas and New Year traditions in English
speaking countries . What tradition did you like best? Why?
And what about Russia?
Which of these holidays is more important in our country?
It’s New Year.
When do Russian people celebrate it?
On the 31 st of December.
What do people usually do on New Year Eve?
People buy New Year tree, decorate it with bright coloured ornaments, lights.
What about food?
We cook tasty salads, meat, pies, cakes.
Do we cook roast turkey and pudding?
No, we don’t.
And what about Santa Claus in Russia?
We call him Ded Moroz.
Does he bring presents to children?
Yes, he does.
Well done.
12. Let’s do the crossword. (игра) (слайд 4)
13. Summing-up
T.: Our lesson is over and it is time to see what the results are. You have learned a
lot of interesting and useful information about Christmas and New Year
celebrations in English speaking countries. You’ve demonstrated good knowledge
of the subject. Your English was good. Everybody gets excellent mark. Thank you
for your work at the lesson.