Тест "Vegetation and Wild Life" 7 класс

Test “Vegetation and Wild Life.”
This is the national flower of .....
a) Scotland
b) Wales
c) England
d) Northern ireland
2)The ............... is England's national flower.
a) b) c) d)
3) The ...................... is Northern Ireland's national flower.
a) shamrock
b) rose
c) daffodil
These are the national plants of ........
5)What are the commonest trees in England?
a) oak, elm, ash and beech b) pine and birch c) oak, pine, elm
6)What are the commonest trees in Scotland?
a) ash and birch b) pine and birch c) oak, elm and pine
7)Odd two out. (What animals can’t you in the U.K.?)
Bears seals foxes wolves otters hedgehogs hares rabbits rats mice deer lizards snakes frogs toads
Partriges, pheasants and other large and rare birds are not protected by law.
9)What is the biggest threat to the coastline?
a)global warming b)pollution c)acid rain