Презентация "Domestic chores" 8 класс

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Презентация для урока английского языка в 8 классе
  • Domestic chores
  • Решетникова З.Б. МКОУ «Троицкая СОШ № 62»
Can you guess the topic of the lesson?
  • πR2
  • (a+-b)
Domestic chores Plan of the lesson:
  • Before watching exercises:
  • Revising words
  • Doing exercises
  • Watching video
  • During watching exercises:
  • “Stop video” (Using Present progressive)
  • After watching work:
  • Write a cinquain
  • Empathy method
  • Retelling the video
  • Can you enumerate domestic chores?
  • Housework
  • Can you name them in English?
  • hate
  • Useful things in the kitchen
Let’s watch the video
  • “The Most Useful Dog of the world”
  • Let’s do “Stop video” exercise using Present Progressive Tense.
After watching work:
  • 1.Empathy method: Imaging you are a dog and you can speak. Tell your owner what have you done during the day. Use Present
  • Perfect Tense.
2. Can you write a cinquain?
  • This is a poem of 5 lines about the dog.
  • 1/ A noun ( the topic of the video)
  • 2/ 2 adjectives (What kind of dog is this?)
  • 3.3 verbs (What did the dig do?)
  • 4. 4 - word sentence. Your
  • attitude towards this
  • helpful dog.
  • 5.1 word. Your resume.
3. Retelling the video
  • Can you retell the video?
  • Will you use speech patterns while retelling?
  • I think (suppose, guess). To my mind. In my opinion. As for me I think. I would like to talk briefly about… My personal feeling is… Firstly… Secondly… In conclusion I want to say…
Will you estimate your work during the lesson?
  • Say several sentences:
  • I think my work was …
  • I suppose I can get …
  • As for me I like (dislike) the lesson, because it was …