Презентация "Endangered animals Of kosh - agach"

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Author: Ivanov Amadu
  • Teacher: Tabylginova A.A.
  • There are a lot of wonderful places in our country and the most beautiful of them is our native land - Kosh– Agach. It is also the largest area in the Altay Republic.
  • Kosh-Agach is the district center of Kosh-Agach District of the Republic of Altai.
My homeland is famous for the endangered animals. For example: the snow leopard, the argali sheep, the steppe eagle, the Black Stork and so one. I want to tell you about famous snow leopard and argali sheep.
  • Snow leopards are often killed by local farmers
  • because they prey on sheep, goats and horses.
  • There are about 30 or 40 snow leopards in our land.
  • Altai argali is a traditional species of argali,
  • wild sheep that roam the highlands
  • of Altai Mountains.
  • Altai argali are the largest of all sheep,
  • with the heaviest horns.
  • We shouldn’t be indifferent. We must respect our nature
  • and save endangered animals of our homeland.
  • Thank you for your attention!