Подробный конспект урока "What does it mean to be a good friend" 10 класс

Подробный конспект урока «What does it mean to be a good friend»
1) Обучающие (дидактические):
повторить ранее изученные лексические единицы по теме «Friendship»,
используя различные виды речевой деятельности;
совершенствовать коммуникативные навыки, умения грамматически
правильно оформлять свои мысли;
совершенствовать навыки критического мышления по средствам
продуктивного чтения
развивать навыки проектной деятельности и работы в паре;
активизировать навыки восприятия аудио текста с извлечение информации;
2) Развивающие:
расширить кругозор учащихся;
расширить представления и знания о понятии дружба;
развивать интерес к предмету;
развить творческие способности обучаемых;
развить логическое мышление и языковую догадку;
развить навыки работы с компьютером (тематические мультимедийные
3) Воспитательные:
формировать такие нравственные ценности как дружба, преданность,
умение различать хорошие и плохие поступки;
прививать уважительное отношение к мнению собеседника;
Тип урока комбинированный
По дидактической цели: урок критического мышления
По основному способу проведения: сочетание различных форм занятий
Принципы: принцип гуманизма, принцип индивидуально-творческого подхода,
личностно-ориентированный подход
Учебник, автор учебника, дополнительная литература: 1) Английский язык. 10 кл.:
учебник / О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева, К.М. Баранова. М.: Дрофа, 2014. 2)
dictionary.cambridge. org 3) Мультимедийные презентации PowerPoint 4) British Council
(Friendship Stoplight - Laminated Game)
Необходимое оборудование и материалы: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор,
программа для просмотра презентаций Microsoft PowerPoint, мяч
Дидактическое обеспечение урока: компьютерная презентация; раздаточный материал с
заданиями; видеоматериалы: введение в англоязычную среду «The union is strength»,
аудиоматериал «Rainbow English», динамичная пауза «let`s do physical exercises», мелодия
«I`ll Be There For You (OST сериала "Друзья
Ход урока
Фаза1 «Начало урока»
Этап Приветствие: Good morning, dear students, dear guests! Let`s begin our lesson.
Today is a perfect day to speak English, isn`t it? Would you like to speak English just like me?
Этап Вхождение или погружение в тему и целеполагания.
At the beginning of our lesson I offer you to show a short video and try to guess the topic we
are going to speak about today and entitle the theme and aims of our class.
The theme is «What does it means to be a true friend? » What do you think our aims are?
Our aim is to find the answers to this question.
The epigraph to our lesson is Friendship is an educational school of human feelings.
Friendship is necessary to us not to pass the time, but in order to develop kindness in our
That's a quote from Vasily Sukhomlinsky, famous teacher and educator. Today we mark the
100th anniversary of Vasily Sukhomlinsky`s birth. Sukhomlynsky taught his students that the
most precious thing in life is a human being, and that there is no greater honor than to bring joy
to other people. We will follow his advice.
Прием «мозговой штурм» Brainstorming
Now I want you to show me what you know about friend and friendship. What associations do
you have with the word friendship?
1) Do you have friends?
2) Why is it important to have good friends?
3) What kinds of things do you like doing with your friends?
Фаза 2 «Работа над темой» Этап актуализация опорных знаний
Лексико - грамматические упражнения.
I want to be sure that you know necessary vocabulary. Let`s do the task.
1) Match the English and Russian phrases
1. To feel lonely
2. To depend on each other
3. To be based on respect and
4. To fall out (to break up) with
5. Affection for each other
6. To renew a friendship
7. To be a fair weather friend
8. To be a true friend
9. To have much in common
10. Loyal/devoted friends
11. To establish friendly relations
12. To share interests
13. A lifelong friend
14. To remain friends
15. To spoil our friendship
a) Возобновить дружбу
b) Чувствовать себя одиноким
c) Установить дружеские
d) Преданные друзья
e) Быть ненадежным другом
f) Иметь много общего
g) Иметь одинаковые интересы
h) Зависеть друг от друга
i) Основываясь на уважении и
j) Испортить дружбу
k) Остаться друзьями
l) Друг на всю жизнь
m) Быть настоящим другом
n) Поссориться с другом
o) Привязанность друг к другу
Now let’s revise some adjectives describing personality, characteristic traits. We use a ball for
2) Игра с мячом Name 1 adjective
1. A person who doesn’t like to give or share things
2. Someone who is easy to get along with
3. Someone who work very hard
4. Someone with a very high opinion of themselves
5. Someone who only thinks about themselves
6. A person who is keen to get on in life
7. Someone who is very brave
8. A person who is an original thinker, or who has artistic skills
9. Someone you can depend upon
10. Someone who talks a lot
Этап приобретение новой информации и поисковой деятельности. Чтение текста.
Everyone will have some difficult times in their friendships. Even in the best of friendships,
problems do arise. It is important that you are able to solve this problem not to break up with
Критическое мышление. Продуктивное чтение
1) Pre-reading task Стадия вызова
a. Have you ever had problems with your friends?
b. How often do you quarrel with friends?
c. Did you fall out with them?
2) While-reading task.Стадия осмысления
Now you read a text about one girl. While reading you should find the main problem, why it
happened (reason) and find solution.
3) Post-reading task. Стадия рефлексии
Использую на этом этапе прием дерево предсказаний. Ствол проблема. Ветки решения
My BFF Alice and I used to have so much in common, but she went to a summer camp last
year and made new friends. I think they have totally changed her. She used to wear simple jeans
and T-shirts and now she wears fashionable skirts and dresses. She would rather sit around
reading celebrity magazines than go out like before. She’s still really nice to me but it’s like
being with a different person. I have tried to talk to her several times but she just smiles and says,
“You were and are my friend, Judy.” I understand that many people change as they grow up and
develop new tastes, interests and hobbies. But when it happens to your best friend, you may have
a strange feeling that you are left behind. I hope I’m still important for Alice, but I’m not sure.
I want to continue our friendship. And I admit that each of us has the right to have our own
interests which cannot always be the same. Yet, the whole situation is rather painful.
Игра светофор
There are ten scenario cards. Five scenarios correspond with each
сoloured stoplight: red (unhealthy/bad signs), yellow (warning signs)
and green (healthy/good signs). Choose one of this card
RED LIGHT: These are unhealthy/bad signs in a friendship.
1. You are afraid of your friend’s temper.
2. Your friend criticizes you or people you care about.
3. Your friend pressures you to do things you do not want to do.
YELLOW LIGHT: These are warning signs in a friendship.
1. Your friend sometimes makes fun of you.
2. You rarely get to plan what the two of you will do together.
3. Your friend tells you not to hang out with certain people.
GREEN LIGHT: These are healthy/good signs in a friendship.
1. You usually feel happy when you are with this person.
2. Your friend respects your feelings and your opinions.
3. Your friend talks to you about his/her feelings.
Рефлексия динамическая пауза. Видео. «Let`s do physical exercises»
Этап активизация речевых навыков. Развитие навыков понимания речи на слух,
монологической речи и творческое применение в новой ситуации
Упражнения на развитие речевого слуха.
Now let`s listen to 6 people speaking about friends. We will listen twice.
Аудирование со зрительной опорой на утверждения и таблицу:
1) Pre-listening task: Make sure you know these words and word combinations:
Снятие лексических трудностей.
2) While-listening task: Listen to six people speaking about friends, and match the texts (a-f)
with the statements (1-7). One statement is extra.
1) The speaker has two real friends one male, the other- female.
2) The speaker`s friend prefers to act and not to talk.
3) The speaker`s best friend is a female relative with a very demanding character.
4) The best friend of the speaker is much older than the speaker himself/herself.
5) The speaker is a sick person who has known his best friend for about twelve
6) The speaker says his/her best friend is his/her peer.
7) The speaker says his best friend has never been interested in sport.
3) Post-listening task: Who can be our friends?
Творческое задание Написание объявления о друге
A Want ad for a friend.
Have you ever seen a want ad in the newspaper or online? Pretend th