Конспект урока по английскому языку "Визит к доктору" 6 класс

Тема урока: Визит к доктору
План урока.
1 Начало урока. Приветствие
Teacher: Nice to meet you
Children: Nice to meet you
Teacher: Nice to meet you
Children: Nice to meet you
Teacher: Nice to meet you. I am so glad to meet you
Children: Thank you. I am glad to meet you.
Teacher: Children, greet our guests.
Children: Good-morning, our dear guests.
2 Вступительное слово. Постановка целей и задач. Деление на команды.
Teacher: Are you ok today?... I’m glad that you are all in good health. Let’s divide into two
teams. Take a circle and choose your place.
3 Основная часть урока (практическая деятельность учащихся)
Слайд 1 Is this girl happy?
Teacher: Ok, we have two teams now. Look at the picture. What is going on? Is this girl happy?
Why? Yes. You are right. As you see this girl is ill. She has got the flu. She’s got a headache
and a high temperature.
Слайд 2 What illnesses do you know?
Teacher: What illnesses do you know? These cards in Russian will help you. (Appendix1)
(Appendicitis, chickenpox, the flue, a cold, a backache, headache, a broken arm, a toothache, a
stomachache (1, стр. 80), diarrhea, neurosis, migraine, hepatitis, cholera, gout, rheumatism,
insomnia, bruise, bump, temperature, allergy, bronchitis, a broken leg, angina, coughing,
Teacher: Very good. I see you know many illnesses. Do you know the reasons of illnesses? Why
can we have health problems? ….So, our health is in our own hands. What food is healthy and
what is not healthy?
Слайд 3 Healthy and unhealthy food
These pictures will help you. (Appendix 2) (potatoes, grapes, chocolate, strawberries, tea, juice,
ice-cream, eggs, bread, milk, kiwi, nuts, cherries, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, cheeseburgers, a
water-melon, a fried chicken, sugar, sweets, fish, cheese, a hamburger, rice, bananas, lemons,
sausage, cabbage) (1, стр.60, 62)
Teacher: Ok, you know all about food. But some unhealthy food is very tasty. To eat or not to
eat? That is the question. Food must be useful, have vitamins, but fast food destroys our health.
But we eat, unfortunately. So we have healthy problems. When you are ill, you can’t be good at
school or work well. Who can help us? Who can cure us? How do we call these noble people?
…… You are right. So if we are ill, if we have problems with our health we should go to
Слайд 4 A visit to the doctor
Teacher: What kind of doctors do you know? (a vet, a pediatrician, a dentist, a surgeon, a
cardiologist, a physician, a dermatologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist)
Teacher: That’s good. I am glad you know many doctors. Now listen to a song (music) and tell
me which doctor are we going to visit now? Right. A pediatrician.
Слайд 5 At the pediatrician’s
A pediatrician: I am a children’s doctor. I love children. When your children are ill, you should
consult me. I will help your children. (knock-knock). Come in, please.
Patient: Good morning, doctor. My daughter is ill. She is coughing and sneezing. She has a high
temperature. What should I do? How can I treat her?
Doctor: Don’t worry. I will examine her. Come to me, my dear. Open your mouth. Say: “A-a-a”.
Ok. Breathe deeply. Don’t breathe. Take a thermometer. It’s a cold.
Patient: What to do, doctor?
Doctor: Don’t go to the kindergarten. Stay in bed. Drink a lot of tea with lemon. I’ll give you
antibiotic. Don’t eat much. Every hour air the room. Give me a thermometer. It’s ok.
Patient: She has no appetite. Thank you, doctor. Good bye.
Doctor: Good bye.
Teacher: Thank you, children. Do you like to go to the hospital? As for me, I don’t like it at all.
And you? …If we have a stomachache we go to the….
Слайд 6 At the Surgeon's
A Surgeon: I am a surgeon. It is a very difficult profession. If you have a stomachache, a broken
arm or leg - you should come to me or call an ambulance. Ill examine you and make an x-ray if
it needs and tell you the problem. Aha, somebody is coming.
Patient: Good morning, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning. What can I do for you?
Patient: I have a stomachache.
Doctor: Come to me. I will examine you. Does it hurt here?
Patient: No, it doesn’t.
Doctor: Does it hurt here?
Patient: Yes, it does.
Doctor: I see. It’s very good. It is not appendicitis. You don’t need an operation.
I will write you a recipe. Buy these pills and be healthy.
Patient: Thank you, doctor. Good bye.
Doctor: Good bye.
Teacher: Thank you, children. I know one very kind doctor, but some children and adults are
afraid of visiting him. When we have a toothache, we go there Yes! You are right. A dentist.
Слайд 7 At the dentist’s
A dentist: I am a dentist. I help people when they have a toothache. Life is short. Smile while
you still have teeth. (Malory Hopkins)
Patient: Good morning.
Doctor: Good morning. How are you going? What’s wrong with you?
Patient: I am not so well. I have some problems with my teeth and I have a bad toothache.
Doctor: Let me check. Open your mouth. Aha. Are you a sweet tooth?
Patient: Yes, I am.
Doctor: You shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets and cakes.
Patient: Oh. I will try.
Doctor: I have to extract your tooth.
Patient: Is it painful?
Doctor: No, I’ll give you an injection.
Patient: Oh, I am afraid of injections.
Doctor: Don’t worry. I have given hundreds injections. It’s ok. Your tooth, please.
Patient: Oh, don’t show me it. Thank you, doctor. Good bye.
Doctor: Good bye.
Teacher: Very good, children. You are good actors. I think our guests have problems with their
health. Let’s ask them about it.
1) What illnesses do they often have? (a headache, a stomachache)
2) How often do you they to the doctor? (every year, twice a year, every month, every week)
Students say about the results. (Appendix 3)
Teacher: Children, let’s advice our guests how to be healthy. You are doctors-you can help them.
So, if they have a headache… (You should stay in bed, you should consult the doctor, you
should drink much water; you mustn’t watch TV much, you should go in for sport)
If they have a stomachache (You should call an ambulance, you should go to the surgeon, you
shouldn’t eat fast food; you mustn’t eat much)
If they have a toothache………..(You must consult the dentist, you shouldn’t stay at home, you
mustn’t eat much chocolate..)
And how to be healthy… (An apple a day keeps the doctor away; you are what you eat; wealth
is nothing without health; good health is above wealth; don’t worry, be happy, a good rest is half
the work, do physical exercises)
4 Осуществление контроля и коррекции.
Teacher: Very good. I’m glad that you know everything about health and illnesses. Was this
topic interesting for you? Why? Which words were easier? Will you follow our advices? I know
Kristina would like to be a pediatrician. Was she a good pediatrician today? Yes, she was. We
wish Kristina good luck. Who was the best actor today? Who was the best in learning words?
Who knows modal words better? …. You were trying hard and your marks are excellent.
Слайд 8 Reflection
5 Домашнее задание
-написать сочинение “ I want to be a……(doctor)” (50 слов).
-написать записку другу, что не придёшь на день рождения, так как заболел пр 3 стр 92).
-написать советы другу, если он простудился. ( на выбор)
Thank you for the lesson.
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