Презентация к уроку английского языка "Merry Christmas" 10-11 класс

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Презентация подготовлена Каргаполовой Т.М.

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МБОУ СОШ№80, Хабаровск.

My aim is to learn
  • more about the history of Christmas
  • More about Christmas traditions
  • About symbolz of Christmas
  • Christmas is a religious holiday which symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is the most popular holiday in Britain. It is celebrated on December, 25th . On this day many people go to church, open their Christmas presents, eat a Christmas dinner of roast turkey and Christmas pudding. Many people watch the Queen’s Christmas broadcast on TV. This day is a traditional family reunion day and special day for children.
Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Eve is on 24th of December. On this day everybody is very busy and in hurry. Offices close at 1 o’clock, but the shops stay open late.
Christmas Traditions
  • In Britain people have many interesting Christmas traditions. Here are: listen to the short stories about trees, presents and other Christmas traditions.
Trees and Presents
  • People began to celebrate Christmas many, many years ago. They began to decorate the evergreen tree and give presents to each other. They placed a large shining star at the top of the Christmas tree and many bright shining balls (red, blue, yellow, green, silver) from top to bottom.
Boxing Day
  • Boxing day comes after Christmas Day. It is on the 26th of December. People do not go to work on that day. They visit friends or go to the theatre. Everybody gives and receives Christmas cards and Christmas boxes.
Christmas Stockings
  • In the evening of the 24th of December children hang their Christmas stockings on fireplaces, on their beds, put them under the Christmas tree. Father Christmas (Santa Claus) puts presents into them. A Christmas stocking is not a real stocking. It is big and beautifully decorated.
Christmas Pudding
  • Christmas pudding was firstly made many, many years ago. Now it is the highlight of Christmas dinner. Children often put holly on the pudding. Traditionally a coin is placed into the pudding. It brings good luck to a person who finds it.
  • Holly is an evergreen plant with sharp-pointed leaves and red berries. You already know that people put holly on Christmas pudding. They also use holly to decorate their homes. It is a very old tradition. Long ago people began to put holly in their homes during the dark cold winters. They liked to look at holly and think about the spring and the sun.
  • Mistletoe is an evergreen plant with small leaves and small white berries. On Christmas Eve there is a bunch of mistletoe in every house. Under this bunch boys kiss girls.
  • People usually decorate their doors with wreath.
  • Many years ago postmen had bright red coats. They looked like robins. At Christmas they brought many Christmas cards. And people began to think about a robin as a Christmas bird. You can see it on almost every Christmas card.
Candles and Crackers
  • On Christmas Eve people like to light candles. If there are children in the family, they often have Christmas crackers. When you pull a cracker it makes a bang and inside there is usually a Christmas hat, a small toy and a piece of paper with a joke on it.
Christmas Flags
  • Before Christmas children make small flags. On these flags they paint British, American, French, German, Finnish and other flags. They hang Christmas flags on the Christmas tree or Decorate the room with them.
Father Christmas ( Santa Claus)
  • You know already that Father Christmas (Santa Claus) comes into children’s homes on Christmas Eve. He has a white beard and red and white clothes. He is always merry. They say he comes from the North Pole. He brings presents for the children.
Who was he?
  • Father Christmas is based on a real person, St Nicolas. He was a very shy man and wanted to give money to poor people without them knowing about it. It is said that one day, he climbed the roof of a house and dropped a purse of money down the chrimney. It landed in the stocking which a girl had put to dry by fire! This may explain thebelief thet Father Christmas comes down the chimney and places gifts in children’s stockings.
History of Father Christmas in England
  • Father Christmas was originally part of an old English midwinter festival, normally dressed in green, a sign of the spring. Santa Claus, the man we know today dressed in red, become known in England during the 1870’s. His name comes from the Dutch name for St Nicolas which is Sinter Klaas.
What happens before Christmas Day?
  • In shops or at children’s parties, someone dresses up as Father Christmas and gives small presents to children and ask them what gifts rhey want for Christmas.
How do children write to Father Christmas?
  • Children write letters to Father Christmas to tell him what they would like for Christmas. Some children will send their letters by post or e-mail but the more traditional way is to throw the letters into the back of the fireplace. The draught then carries the letters up the chimney to Father Christmas.
What happens on Christmas Eve?
  • On Christmas eve Father Christmas piles all of the toys into his sleigh and rides across the sky with his reindeers. The most famous one is Rudolf, the reindeer at the front eho leads the way his red nose.
  • He enters our houses down the chimney at midnight and placespresents for the children in stockings or bags by their beds or in front of the family Christmas tree.
Mince Pies
  • Mince pies are small round pies. Children like these sweet pies very much.
European Christmas Song Contest
  • The European Christmas Song Contest is held during Yuletide. Singers from Britain, France, Italy and other European countries sing Christmas songs.


1) Christmas is celebrated on

A) May 23rd

B) July 2nd

C) December 25th

2) What colours are the traditional of Christmas?

3) Boxing day comes

A) after Christmas Day

B) after Valentine’s Day

C) after Independence Day

4) What are traditional Christmas decorations?

5) A «stocking» means

A) носок

B) чулок

С) валенок

6)…comes into children’s homes on Christmas Eve (in Britain). 6)…comes into children’s homes on Christmas Eve (in Britain). A) Ded Mazai B) Ded Moroz C) Santa Claus 7) What is a traditional Christmas decorations? 8) On the European Christmas Song Contest singers sing A) Christmas songs B) Pop songs C) Ditties 9) Is Father Christmas based on a real person? 10) What is the name of the most famous reindeer of Father Christmas? 11) How do children write to Father Christmas? 12) What does symbolize this picture? Ссылки на изображения: 1.https://cdn.promodj.com/afs/e9b46062b548a26fcff88fea00b9ad9d:resize:900x900:same:promodj:ce9b4a 2. http://data.nokiazone.ru/cells/c/4/0/67762e9477efc9b19592042d33585.jpg 3. http://tucoo.com/holiday/photo/x09/xmas203.jpg 4. http://data.nokiazone.ru/cells/a/c/6/c1c3019420897e2d563a18b571cd5.jpg 5. http://www.findwall.ru/images/wallpapers/1024x768/3/5/5/55t.jpg 6. https://vse.kz/uploads/av-6129.jpg?_r=0 7. https://data3.proshkolu.ru/content/media/pic/icon/3000000/2262000/2261094-63d8f524.gif 8. http://900igr.net/up/datai/109299/0003-003-.jpg 9. http://data.nokiazone.ru/cells/0/a/0/4941085a22ed49bf21e0c81945b8d.jpg 10. http://pravznak.msk.ru/uploads_user/53380000/53379252/190785.jpg 11. https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-pdb/480866/20cacc5c-6095-4ebe-a9a7-98f8a33d0a69/s1200?webp=false 12. https://ds04.infourok.ru/uploads/ex/04e0/0003ae5f-3049a504/hello_html_m3521d2b2.jpg 13. http://images.myshared.ru/17/1140286/slide_21.jpg 14. http://900igr.net/thumbi/prazdniki/Novyj-god/0020-029-Finljandija-Joulupukki-Takoe-imja-emu-dano-ne-zrja-Joulu-oznachaet.jpg 15.http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05180/CoolClips_vc014655.pnghttp://900igr.net/up/datai/109299/0003-003-.jpg 16. http://data.photo.sibnet.ru/upload/imggreat/126253170735.jpghttp://900igr.net/up/datai/88811/0009-010-.jpg 17. http://image.downloadwap.co.uk/wallpapers/wp/5/animals/lovedog_l4v1ikik.jpg. 18.http://www.tucoo.com/photo/holliday_x05/images/xmas221.jpg 19. https://fs00.infourok.ru/images/doc/170/195782/hello_html_58df9627.gif 20. https://avt-17.foto.mail.ru/mail/rbays/_avatar180?1393348153&mrim=1 21. http://litcey.ru/pars_docs/refs/25/24690/24690_html_7efb7292.gif 22. http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05180/CoolClips_vc014636.png 23. http://f1.mylove.ru/e_3DkAijn8mvRCQdK.jpg 24. https://webplus.info/images/wpi.photo/photo_524.jpg 25. http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05180/CoolClips_vc014642.png 26. http://pixelbrush.ru/uploads/posts/2010-11/1289545845_9173.jpg 27. http://www.podelkidetkam.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/02.jpg 28. http://geum.ru/next/images/319423-nomer-1edcb578.png 29. https://ds04.infourok.ru/uploads/ex/00fc/00113f0b-8f15b373/hello_html_19325feb.gif 30.http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_GmFOAgYbEco/TOBruQqx8oI/AAAAAAAAACo/3DuEyf3Ahhs/s1600/New%2BPicture%2B%25284%2529%2BSanta.png 31. http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05161/CoolClips_vc008774.png 32. http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05176/CoolClips_vc013421.png 33. http://geum.ru/next/images/319423-nomer-m23baec7c.png 34. http://s3.listicle.co/production/list/storage/list/cover/display/2011393_1449967022.jpeg 35. https://ds03.infourok.ru/uploads/ex/0d2d/00042bdc-19b0ca41/hello_html_8541f9.gif 36. http://clipart.coolclips.com/480/vectors/tf05180/CoolClips_vc014634.png 37. http://www.hooligani.ru/arhiv/gifnovi/69.gif 38. http://www.hooligani.ru/arhiv/gifnovi/26.gif 39. https://us.123rf.com/450wm/artisticco/artisticco1309/artisticco130900056/22427626-Иллюстрация-счастливых-детей,-поющих-в-хоре-Рождество.jpg?ver=6