Тест "Do you have an example to follow?" 7 класс

Final Test 7 Form ( 3 Четверть ) (Do you have an example to follow?)
I.What do the British think about these things?
1.Google is easy to use!
2.BBC TV programmes-------------------------.
3.Sony TV sets---------------------------------.
4.Nescafe Gold coffee----------------------.
5.Colgate toothpaste-----------------------.
6.Nike sports shoes--------------------------.
Easy to use. Very interesting for people of all ages to watch. Comfortable to play sports in. Nice to
drink in the morning. Good for adults and children to protect teeth. Not expensive for every family to
buy.Interesting to watch.
II.Cross the word that does not belong.
0) A doctor an engineer a cosmonaut a leader
1) To build to spend to decorate to design
2) An astronaut to treat a disease a surgeon
3) To invent to develop to respect to discover
4) A house a ship a tower a building
5) The moon a century a mission space
III.Word Building. or -ful -ist -tion -is
To act 0) action (существительное)
A hero 1)-------------------------------------
Science 2)-------------------------------------
To invent 3)------------------------------------
Beauty 4)-----------------------------------
To collect 5)------------------------------------
IV.Vocabulary./ Grammar.
-I am proud of my grandfather. He is (0) a doctor and works for the Doctors Without Borders
organization. He goes to dangerous areas to (1)---------------------------- people . I know that my
grandfather helped many people in (2)------------------------.He got an order for his (3)----------------------------
--.He is the first (4)-----------------------------at his hospital.My grandpa was a skilful doctor and he (5)---------
------------------------a new medicine which helps to treat serious (6)-------------------------------.
-My brother wants to be (7)------------------ astronaut. His ambition is to go to (8)----------------------.And my
brother is a pupil (9)--------------------------ambitions make him study better and better. He studies well
and he is (10)---------------of his class.
0 a.the b.a c.-
1.a.treat b.change c.teach
2. a.peace b.trouble c.space
3.a.plan b.knowledge c.courage
4.a.to win a gold medal b.to get an order c.to get a record
5.a.invented b.bought c.got
6.a.people b.specialists c.diseases
7.a.the b.an c.a
8.a.space b.sea c.school
9.a.who b.whose c.which
10.a the b.-- c.a