Самостоятельная работа "there is / there are" 3 класс

Самостоятельная работа по теме «there is/there are»
Exercise 1 Fill in is or are
1. There______a book on the desk.
2. There _______five balls in the room.
3. There________some water in the glass.
4. There _________a table and five chairs in the room.
5. There _________five chairs and a table in the room.
Exercise 2 Make up sentences
1. Is/ a chair/there/the room/ in.
2. A tree/ is/ some flowers/ the garden/ there/ and/ in .
3. There/ pens/ desk/ are/ and/four/ a ruler/ on.
4. In/ an apple/ bananas/there/three/ is/ and /fridge.
5. The room/ cats/ are/two/in/there.
Exercise 3 Translate into English
1. В комнате три стула и одна кровать.
2. В корзине семь яблок.
3. На стене (висит) картина.
4. Цветы 9растут) в саду.
5. Лампа в комнате