Тест "Modal verbs can, may, must, should" 8 класс

Test “Modal verbs can, may, must, should
1 Составьте предложения из данных слов.
1.Не, a question, may, ask?
2.Play, can, the guitar, he?
3.To school, we, go, must?
4.You, in the park, shouldn't, on the grass, walk?
5.Ice-cream, shouldn't, in the metro, eat?
6.I, come in, may?
7.Can, English, well, speak, you?
8.Must, we, English, learn?
2 Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами can, may, must, should.
1.We ... go to school every day, but Sunday and Saturday.
2.On weekends we ... go to the parks, theatres, museums.
3.We ... play games in the yard.
4.We ... help our parents.
5.We ... play with our little brothers and sisters.
6.He ... read and paint.
7.We ... do our homework.
3Переведите на русский язык.
1. Mike can run very fast.
2. They can understand French.
3. Kate can speak English well.
4. My brother can come and help you in the garden.
5. Can you speak Spanish?
6. Can your brother help me with mathematics?
7. May I invite Nick to our house?
8. You may go now.
9. If you have done your homework, you may go for a walk.
10. Don’t go to the wood alone: you may lose your way.