Конспект урока "Традиции русской, американской и английской кухни" 9 класс

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
Средняя общеобразовательная школа №1 г.Когалым
Конспект урока-практикума в 9 классе
Традиции русской, американской и английской кухни
Учитель английского языка
Баева Марина Анатольевна
Когалым 2014
Конспект урока-практикума в 9 классе
« Традиции русской, американской и английской кухни»
Цели урока: воспитание норм и специфики поведения представителей иных культур,
уважение к культурам разных стран, тренировка навыков аудирования, говорения,
чтения, развитие логического мышления.
Задачи урока: Познакомить учащихся с нормами поведения и правилами этикета за
столом, тренировать учащихся в употреблении гс I like/I prefer, I associate smth with,
знать традиции русской, американской и английской кухни, проконтролировать
домашнее задание.
План урока
1. Организационный момент (тема урока)
2. Обсуждение вопросов о русской кухне.
3. Работа по учебнику, выполнение упражнения на соответствие с.35.
4. Шуточная сценка в кафе.
5. Ассоциации с американской кухней.
6. Контроль дом задания, составление диалога «В Макдональдсе»
7. Зарядка
8. Работа с текстом «Если вас пригласили в американский дом в гости».
9. Выполнение задания «правильно-неправильно» по тексту (раздаточный
10. Квиз по правилам поведения за столом
11. Традиционное английское чаепитие
12. Итоги урока
13. Чайная пауза
Ход урока.
1. Good morning children. How are you? And you? Well. Are you ready for
the lesson? Look at the board and read the theme of our lesson. (slide
2). Now you know what we are going to speak of. The aims of our
lesson will be: - learn table manners, - know traditional dishes of
English-speaking countries, hear what it may happen because of
misunderstanding. We’ll speak, discuss, read, listen to each other. (1 min)
2. Now you should remember words and expressions which you need at the
lesson: associate with, I like/prefer, cuisine, cooking, dishes, a spoon, a
folk, a knife, polite (slide 3) (1 min)
3. We’ll start with our native cuisine. What traditional dishes in Russia do
you know? What else dishes became popular in Russia recently? (slide
4Russian dishes) (2 min)
4. Well done. Now open your books on page 35. Look at the pictures and
match the names of dishes with their definitions. Find key sentences in the
descriptions. (books) You have got 2 minutes to do this task. (2 min)
5. Very good and we go on. Do you like Russian cooking? Let’s go into the
café for a minute and see a situation. (slide 5) (3 min)
6. Ok, I see you know which dishes are popular in Russia. But not only
Russian cuisine is popular in the world. Tell me please what your
associations with American cuisine are. (slide 6 American cuisine) What
do you know of Coke? Where can you taste real American dishes? (1
7. So we go to McDonald’s and check up your h/w.( slide 7) At home you
had to complete the dialogue filling in the appropriate sentences. Who
would like to begin? (4 min) Which traditional dishes are mentioned
here? Mcribs, cheesburgers, French fries, Coke
8. Morning exercises. 2 min for eyes (Slide 8 - video)
9. You are right. Imagine yourselves that you are invited to an American
house. (slide 9) To be polite you should know table manners. Now take
your sheets with the texts and get ready to agree or disagree with given
statements. You have got 4 minutes.
10. Well, let’s find out which statements are true, which are false. Read
and say. (3 min) I think you will be polite and follow these tips how to
behave at dinner.
11. So all of you are ready for getting a meal. But what about table
manners? You should read and choose the correct variant and read the
sentence? (Slide 10-12) (3 min)
12. Well, you should have good table manners. Now look at the slide and
say what country is famous for its tradition of drinking tea. (slide 13) OK,
look at the board and try to translate the famous English joke “It is easier
to imagine Britain without a Queen than without tea”. (Slide 14 - proverb
and some facts ) Some statistic facts about tea. (slide 15)What do you
associate English dishes with?
What do Englishmen have for breakfast?
What do you usually have for breakfast?
So we have dishes from different countries today. Which cuisine do you
prefer? (3 min)
13. Итог урока. (slide 16) You worked very good but tell me please what
additional information you would like to get due to our theme. Prepare the
reports. (slide 17)
14. Now Let’s invite our guests for a cup of tea in different ways: in
American? In Russian? In English? (slide 18) (4 min)
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