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Презентация "Thanksgiving Day"

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  • Thanksgiving Day
  • This presentation is made by
  • Svetlana Berdianova
  • an English teacher
  • Spassk secondary school №2

  • 1620 one hundred Pilgrims came to America from England.
  • They came on board the ship “Mayflower”.

  • The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims.
  • They taught them to plant corn,
  • to build houses,
  • to fish and to hunt.

  • In the autumn of 1621 the Pilgrims had their first harvest. They decided to have a special dinner.
  • The Pilgrims invited the Native Americans
  • to their dinner.
  • It lasted three days.

  • Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday.
  • The families come together for a special dinner.

  • The traditional food on Thanksgiving Day is
  • turkey, corn bread,
  • mashed potatoes,
  • pumpkin pies, beans, nuts
  • and sauce made from cranberries.

  • Football is the most popular game on the day.
  • After dinner people relax,
  • talk and watch a football game
  • on TV.

  • Shops, classrooms and homes
  • are decorated
  • with turkeys, Pilgrims, Indians, flowers and vegetables.

  • Every Thanksgiving Day there is a very big parade
  • in New York City.

  • One of the traditions of this festival is to send greeting cards.