Проверочная работа "Day by day" 3 класс

Modular test 8
“Day by day”
Ex. 1. Make plurals.
Cat, toy, woman, fox, foot, tooth, eye, man, sheep
Ex. 2. Translate the words and put them in the right order.
Ex. 3. Read the questions and find answers.
1. What’s this?
2. Is he having lunch?
3. Does she play basketball?
4. Do you paint a picture?
5. Are you sleeping?
a. Yes, I do.
b. It’s a school bag.
c. No, I am not.
d. No, he isn’t. He is having supper.
e. Yes, she does.
Ex. 4. Read the text and answer the question in written form.
Larry’s favourite day is Sunday. He gets up at ten o’clock. In the morning he has breakfast. He
drinks milk. Larry doesn’t go to school. He watches cartoons. At one o’clock he has lunch with
his family.
In the afternoon, Larry plays soccer or visits his friend. Then, at seven o’clock, it’s time for
In the evening he plays games with Chuckles and Lulu. They have a lot of fun!
At 10 o’clock he has a shower and goes to bed. Sundays are happy days for Larry!
1. What is Larry’s favourite day of the week?
2. What does Larry do in the morning?
3. When does he have lunch?
4. What does he drink?
5. When does he play soccer?