Тест "The US Government" 7 класс

1. The War of Independence began in …
A. 1775 B. 1785 C. 1875
2. The War of Independence ended in …
A. 1780 B. 1783 C. 1873
3. The Constitution was written in …
A. New York B. Washington C. Philadelphia
4. The Constitution is a …
A. building B. law C. group of people
5. The US Government has … branches.
A. three B. four C. five
6. There are … senators in the Senate.
A. 500 B. 50 C. 100
7. A senator’s term is … years.
A. four B. six C. five
8. People who work in the House of Representatives are called …
A. housemen B. members of Parliament C. congressmen
9. There are … people in the House of Representatives.
A. 435 B. 500 C. 100
10. A representative’s term is … years.
A. three B. two C. four
11. The US President’s term is … years.
A. two B. eight C. four
12. Americans vote for the President in … of every leap year.
A. November B. September C. March
13. The US Supreme Court is made of … judges.
A. ten B. nine C. eleven
14. The judges work in the Supreme Court as long as they
A. live B. want C. are good
15. All together there are … amendments to The Constitution.
A. 20 B. 36 C. 26