Презентация "How to read English numerals"

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«How to read English numerals»

Poltoratskaya Anna Nikolaievna,

5 form «L» «gymnasium «Dmitrov»»

Supervisor: Senatorova L.V.,

Teacher of English

«gymnasium «Dmitrov»»

The aim of the project

to find out if numeral reading is different in Russian and English and how to read them correctly.

The tasks are the following:
  • To find the information;
  • To analyze and systemize the information;
  • To test my classmates to know how well they can read numerals;
  • To make a presentation in PowerPoint;
  • To learn how to use Microsoft Office Publisher and to make a brochure «Rules of reading numerals»;
  • To develop communication skills;
  • To enlarge my vocabulary.
The urgency of my project

It gives the opportunity to read English numerals correctly.

The hypothesis

I suppose my classmates will find it difficult to read some numerals in English. In the first place, they will be fractions.

The methods of research
  • Theoretical methods are studying the information, analysis and synthesis.
  • The empirical method is testing.
The results of the test
  • The children easily read years, cardinal and ordinal numerals. However, the year of 1900 was a mistake.
  • My classmates had difficulties reading fractions.
  • Thus, my hypothesis was confirmed: children can read not all numerals.
  • The reason for this is that in the English lessons we don’t meet fractions every day.
What is a numeral?
  • It is a part of speech that denotes the quantity and the order of things.




What is a numeral?
  • In English numerals do not change by cases.
  • In both languages numerals can be simple and composite.



To read numbers properly we should know …
  • numerals from 1 to 12.
  • to form numerals from 13 to 19. We should add the suffix -teen to the numeral from 3 to 9. But there is a secret with thirteen.
To read numbers properly we should know …
  • to form numerals from 20 to 90 we should add the suffix –ty. For example, six + - ty- = sixty.
  • Composite numerals are formed easily. As we do it in Russian: sixty-five.
To read numbers properly we should know …
  • To give the order of things we should add the suffix –th.
How to read fractions
  • In fractions the numerator is a cardinal numeral, but the denominator is an ordinal numeral.
  • The same is in the Russian language.
  • If the numerator is more than one, the denominator is a plural.
How to read decimal fractions
  • If the integer part is “zero”, we can start reading the number with the point. For example: 0.1 is point one.
  • If the integer part is two digits, we can read it by one digit or together. 38.2 - three eight point two or thirty eight point two.
  • But 345.6 is only three four five point six.
  • After the point numbers are said only by one. For example: 674.54 - six seven four point five four.
How to read years in English?
  • We divide the year into two parts.
  • Years ending in two zeros are read like this: 1900 – nineteen hundred.
  • Years like 1907 are read nineteen hundred oh seven.
  • 2000 is two thousand.
How to read years in English?
  • Years from 2001 to 2009 are cardinal numerals. We read them like 2006 – two thousand (and) six.
  • But after 2010 we can read years in two possible ways.
  • 1) two thousand and sixteen 2) twenty sixteen.
How to read dates
  • In British English we read this date 2.11.2017 like this: the second of November two thousand and seventeen or twenty seventeen.
  • In American English: February eleventh twenty seventeen.
  • It means that in Britain the date is: day, month, year, and in America it is month, day, year.



Day, month, year

Month, day, year

How to read telephone numbers
  • In Russian we read telephone numbers in tens and hundreds, but in English we should say the numbers by one digit: 555-757-23-11 — five, five, five, seven, five, seven, two, three, one, one.


Hundred, thousand, million
  • In English words hundred, thousand, million are always singular if we use them in phrases: two hundred, twenty thousand, and four million.
  • But in the same position in Russian we use plural of these words.
  • In English they can be plural when we use them in such phrases:
  • Hundreds of ships
  • Millions of stars
How to read “0”
  • There are some ways to say “zero” in English: zero, o [ou], nill, nought, love.
  • Zero is used in Maths and when we say the temperature.
  • O is often used when we read telephone numbers.
  • Nill means “nothing” , it is used to say the score of the game: Argentina — five, Jamaica — nill.
  • Nought means “nothing”.
  • Love is used to say tennis scores: ‘The score was thirty love. (30-0)
  • The best way to say “zero” is “zero”.
  • There are some similarities and differences between Russian and English numerals. If they are similar, it is easy to read them. If they are different, we have difficulties reading them.
  • Unlike the Russian language English numerals do not change by cases.
  • During the reading test I found out that fractions were difficult to read.
  • There are two variants to read dates: American English and British English.
  • It was interesting to know that there are some ways to say “zero”.
  • The words “hundred”, “thousand”, “million” are used in singular when they follow the number, but they are used in plural in phrases like “millions of stars”.
  • To help my classmates to read numerals correctly I made a brochure and gave it to them.
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