Конспект урока "medicine treatment" 8 класс

Урок 8кл
Тема: medicine treatment
- продолжение знакомства учащихся с ИЯ как средством общения, формирование
навыков работы с текстом.
- развивать умение правильно подбирать материал для решения коммуникативной
- воспитывать уважение к иностранным языкам, а также к родному языку и культуре;
Фонетический материал: exchange programme, to broadcast, to earn money, knowledge, to get
access, about, over, peace and quiet.
Ход урока
Приветствие и орг.момент
Good morning, glad to see you again! Today we`ll continue to speak about medicine treatment. We
know a lot about them, and, I think, it will be interesting for us to know some new facts about it.
Речевая зарядка Answer the questions:
What is the day? What is the date? When do you have English lessons? Do you like English? Is it
important for you? Have you ever communicated with the foreigners? Have you ever been abroad?
Do you want to have friends from other countries&?What was your homework?
Проверка домашней работы
Dictation p 84 ex 1
Основной этап
Rule p 87, p 88 ex 9-10
Exercise 7 page 120, Exercise 9 page 121, Exercise 5 page 123, Exercise 9 page 124
Объяснение домашнего задания
Now it`s time for you to put down your home task for the next lesson. You must do page 87 ex 7-8
Your mark ……
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The lesson has come to an end. It`s time to have a break. Good bye! See you later! Our lesson is