Методическая разработка открытого урока "The role of the family" 11 класс

Методическая разработка открытого урока по теме «The role of the
Учебная дисциплина: Иностранный язык
Специальность: все специальности
Курс: 1
Автор: преподаватель иностранных языков Федотова М.А.
Тема: «The role of the family.»
-анализировать материал и отвечать на вопросы, применять полученные
знания на практике
1.Тренировка произносительных навыков.
2.Активизация лексических навыков (повторение и закрепление старой
лексике по теме) по теме .
3.Активизация грамматических навыков по теме: «Множественное число
4.Развитие умений и навыков чтения (аудирования) с целью детального
понимания содержания.
5.Развитие навыков говорения.
6. Совершенствование речевых навыков и навыков письма.
Методы обучения:
1Teacher. Hello, my dear students! How are you? I am glad to see you. Today we
are going to talk about «The role of the family».
2Phonetic activities.
1)Students read the following words:
Family Семья
mother мать
mum мама
father отец
dad папа
parents родители
Mum and Dad родители (раз.)
sister сестра
brother брат
son сын
daughter дочь
child ребенок
children дети
husband муж
wife жена
cousin двоюродный брат/ двоюродная сестра
aunt тетя
uncle дядя
grandmother бабушка
grannie бабушка (разг.)
grandfather дедушка
grandpa дедушка (разг.)
grandson внук
granddaughter внучка
nephew племянник
niece племянница
cемья жены/мужа in-laws, то есть: mother-in-law теща, свекровь father-in-law
тесть, свекор
2) Read the text and translate.
Our family is neither big nor small. It consists of my father, my mother, my
brother, and me. My father, a tall man with dark short hair, is 40 years old. He
works as a manager at the firm. He likes his work and spends a lot of time there.
My mother, a tall and thin woman with big blue eyes and fair hair, is younger than
my father, she is 38. My mother is a teacher at the secondary school. She teaches
her students foreign languages: German and English. She also spends much time at
school, but she finds time to cook, sew, knit, and even to help my brother and me
with our homework. My brother is only 10, and he is a schoolboy.
I am 14. I am a student of the college. My college is far from our house, and it
takes me half an hour to get there by bus. We are studying different subjects there,
but my favourite ones are History and English. As to my appearance, I am slim and
slender. Му hair is fair, my eyes are blue. 1 look like my mother. I like to dress in a
modern style. Music is my hobby. I am fond of dancing at the disco. I like to buy
and read English books too. Twice a week, I go to the swimming pool.
We live in Rostov-on-Don, the biggest city not only in the North Caucasus, but in
the entire South of Russia. It is located on the right high bank of the Don river. We
have a three- room flat in a new block of houses. There is a nice green park near
our house, where we spend a lot of our free time. There are many different shops
not far from our house. My brother and I often go shopping.
Our family is nice, and everybody is easy to get along with. We take care of each
other. We spend much time together. Recently, we have bought a car, and now we
often go down to the country to have a rest on weekends. In the evening, all mem-
bers of our family watch TV, discuss everyday problems. Sometimes we go to the
theatre or to the concert.
We live in a comfortable flat in a new house. It is on the fifth floor. It is neither
large nor small. There are three rooms in it: a living room, two bedrooms. We have
also a kitchen, a bathroom, and a hall. It is a great pity that we have no balcony.
Our living room is large and light because there are two wide windows in it. The
walls of the room are blue, the curtains on the windows, and the carpet on the floor
are of the same colour. There is no much furniture there: a sofa, a table with four
chairs, two armchairs, and a TV-set in the corner. All the members of our family
spend a lot of time there.
Our parents occupy one bedroom which is not large but very cosy. There are two
beds, a wardrobe, two armchairs, and a TV-set in it. There is a large thick carpet on
the floor, and a nice picture on the wall above the beds.
My brother and I share another bedroom. There, you can see two beds, a small
desk near the window, two chairs at the desk: for me and my brother. The
bookcase is near the door. There are many books in it. Besides, we have many
shelves on the walls. There is a musical centre on one of them. We have a lot of
friends. And when they come to see us, we invite them into our room. We usually
listen to music or play different games.
Our kitchen is big enough. As a rule, we have breakfast and dinner in the kitchen
together. Our mother is cooking for us, but sometimes we prepare some tasty
things with my brother for our parents.
The hall of our flat is not narrow. There is a big wardrobe there. And besides, there
is a telephone on a small round table.
We like our flat very much. We are happy when our relatives and friends visit us.
4) Translate the dialog
Fiona: Hello.
Jack: Hi! How are you?
Fiona: I’m OK. And you?
Jack: I’m fine. This is my brother, Ted.
Fiona: Nice to meet you, Ted. I’m Fiona.
Ted: Nice to meet you, Fiona.
Jack: Do you fancy going for a coffee?
Fiona: Good idea. Let’s have coffee and talk about our plans.
Jack: This looks good. Let’s sit by the window, shall we?
Fiona: OK. Let’s. Your grandfather has a boat, is that right?
Jack: Yes. He says we may use it from Monday to Friday.
Fiona: What about the weekend?
Jack: He needs it then. Aunt Molly and uncle Brian want to go sailing with their
three daughters.
Fiona: I see. Monday to Friday is five days. Only us and the sea. Great!
Jack: My grandpa’s boat is great, too. What about the weather? Fiona: No rain,
Do you fancy...? He хотите...?
good idea хорошая идея
talk about поговорить о
boat лодка, яхта
Is that right? Правда?
we may мы можем
he needs ему (зд. будет) нужно
want to хотеть
go sailing кататься на парус ном судне
only us только мы
the sea море
great прекрасный, красно
the weather погода
rain дождь
no rain без дождя
please пожалуйста
Соответствуют ли следующие высказывания содержанию диалога?
1Ted is Jacks brother.
2They go home;
3They have tea.
4They talk.
5. Jack’s grandfather has a boat.
6. They may use it at the weekend.
7. Molly and Brian have two sons.
8. They need rain.
5)Grammar activities
Множественное число существительных
Множественное число существительных чаще всего образуется
прибавлением окончания -s или -es. Окончание -es прибавляется, если
существительное оканчивается на -ch, -tsch, -sh, -ss one chair - two chairs один
стул - два стула one watch - two watches одни часы — двое часов
Если существительное оканчивается на -у, окончание -у перед - s меняется во
множественном числе на -ie: diary - diaries
man - men мужчина - мужчины woman women женщина - женщины child -
children ребенок - дети fruit - fruit фрукт (нс изменяется)
fish fish рыба
Некоторые слова, обозначающие группу людей, обычно согласуются с
глаголом во множественном числе, например:
Му family are / have моя семья является (находится)/ имеет The police are /
work полиция является (находится)/ работает The team are / win (спортивная)
команда является (находится)/ выигрывает
Следует также обращать внимание на слова:
The money is in the bank. Деньги находятся в банке. Her hair is long. Ее волосы
Запишите словами числа и поставьте существительные во множественное
число, например: 6 chair six chairs.
1/12 clock 6/45 man and woman
10 man 7/ 100 diary
3 watch 88 phone
4 2 child 9 /7door
5/4 woman 10/ 8 city
К исключениям относятся:
watch часы, единственное число
two watches двое часов
money деньги - всегда единственно
4) Аудирование.
Послушайте диалог и переведите.
Hello, Ann Brown.
Hello, it’s Mark Smith. Can I speak to Betty Brown, please.
I’m afraid she’s away.
When’s she back?
In two days, I think. Can I take a message?
Yes, please. Tell Miss Brown the printer is OK now.
All right. When can she pick it up?
Any time when she’s back. But the repair costs extra money. Right. The printer’s
ready. Extra money? Why?
Spare parts for this model are hard to get.
Does it work now?
Of course it does. It’s as good as new.
OK. Thank you for calling.
Thanks. Bye.
speak to поговорить c
She’s away. Она в отъезде.
to be back вернуться
in two days через два дня
message сообщение
tell сказать, передать (словами)
саn мочь
pick up забрать
any time в любое время
repair ремонт cost стоить
extra money дополнительные затраты
spare parts запчасти
hard to get трудно достать
work работать (зд. о приборе)
as good as new как новый
call звонить
Соответствуют ли следующие высказывания диалогу:
1Betty isn’t at home.
2She can pick the printer up on Friday.
3The man doesn’t have spare parts for this model
4I he printer works now.
5Betty is as good as new.
1The man have three phone.
2George sleep until 12:00 every Sundays.
3Her daughters listens only to pop musics.
4Children loves computers game.
Составьте диалоги.
1Of course.
3Can I leave a message, please?
4I’m afraid he’s out.
5OK. A party on Saturday at seven.
6Thank you, bye.
7Tell Mark about a party on Saturday at seven.
8Hello, Philip here, can I speak to Mark?
9Good morning. How can I help you?
12HSBC Bank. Helen Peacock speaking.
13Good morning.
14Could you put me through to Mr Andrew Higgins, please?
5) Объявление домашнего задания и выставление оценок.
Learn new words. Tell me please about your family. Our lesson is over.
Список используемой литературы:
А.С.Восковская, Т.А. Карпова. Английский язык/Учебник. Москва 2004.
Дариш Кочан Английский язык за 20 минут каждый день.Учебное