Тест "Употребление артиклей "а", "an", "the""

I. Open the brackets. Make up questions:
1. The pupils (to be) in the museum yesterday (When, Who, tag.q.)
2. Londoners (to be) proud of their parks (alt.q, Who, tag. q.)
3. He (to join) the Zoological Society of London three months ago (Why, Who, tag.q.)
4. She already (to feed) her parrot (gen.q., alt. q.)
5. Animals (to have) more space for living in a wild animal's park (Why, Who, tag.q.)
6. My mother (to listen) to classical music now (Where, alt.q.)
7. Sam (not, to have) time to help his parents around the house tomorrow (tag.q., When)
II. Fill in the missing words. Choose 10 words and phrases from the list of
words given below.
hobbies, soap-operas, be responsible for, like dancing, dive, stay at home, is fond
of, eating cakes and sweets, free time, sport, programmes, keep fit, swimming,
models of ships, have fun, stamps and coins, horse riding.
There are five of us in my family. We all have different ... . My dad ... fishing. My mother
prefers to ... and watch TV. She can watch silly ... the whole day. My elder sister tries to ... . She
likes dancing and ... . My little brother has a sweet tooth. He enjoys ... . My grandpa makes ... .
He also has a big collection of ... . My best friend and me ... at discos. So you see, tastes differ.
III. Put in the or a/an
1. What is ____ longest river in the world?
2. Yesterday I bought ____ newspaper and ________ magazine. _____ Newspaper was very
interesting. ______ magazine was boring.
3. Would you like _____ apple?
4. Jill played _____ piano in an orchestra.
5. Do you know _____ Wilsons? They're a very friendly family.
6. The writer visited ______ Canada and ____ USA.
7. Kilimanjaro is ____- highest mountain in _______ Africa
8. ______ London is on _____ Thames
9. ______ Europe is smaller than ______ Africa.
10. _______ Pacific (Тихий) Ocean is ____ biggest ocean in ______ world.
IV. Put in the necessary prepositions.
1. He spent a lot ______ time translating the article.
2. The young mother takes care _______ her baby.
3. Linda is responsible ________ the cultural programme.
4. Westminster Abbey was founded _______ St Peter.
5. The town is rich _______ parks and museums.
6. Are you tired ______ the work?
7. Are you going to get rid ________ these old things?
8. Her niece is fond _________ horse racing.
9. My parents went to the country _______ car.
10. The palace is famous _________ its history.