Тест "Present Tenses" 6 класс

Test “Present Tenses”
1. I ......... to school every day. a) gob) goes c) going
2. We ... their new CD yet.a) haven’t heard b) didn’t hear c) don’t hear
3. The children … now.a) are swimming b) is swimming c) swim
4. Where _____ you study?a) do b) does c) are
5. … you ever ... to Paris?a) Have … been b)Do … be c) Have be
6. It often ... in England.a) rain b)rains c) is raining
7. He ... already ... the keys.a)has … found b) did found c)have … found
8.John ......... his bicycle on Sundays. a) ride b) ridden c) rides
9.... you ever ...to France?a) Did …be b) have… been c) has … been
10.She _____ speaks English with me. a) often b) now c) already
11. We … like the weather today. a) don’t b)am not c) doesnt
12. What is your mother doing now? -She … .a) am sleeping b) is sleeping c) sleeps
13. Have you _______ been to Asia? No, I haven't. a) ever b) always c) still
14. _____ you like pizza?a) does b) do c) are
15. Sometimes my friend … abroad.a) go b) is going c) goes
16. _____ your sister go in for sports?a) is b) do c) does
17. My son … like geometry.a) is not b) do not c) does not
18. Every Sunday we … to the theatre.a) does go b) are going c) go
19. _____ they speak French well?a) are b) do c) does
20. Who teaches in this classroom? I _____a) am b) does c) do
21. I … already a composition.a) has, written b) -, wrote c) have, written
22.She … film at this moment.a) watches b) is watching c) watching
23. They … just your bag. a) has, taken b) have, taken c) have, took
24.Where _____ you live ?a) does b) do c) are
25. This factory usually good electronics.a) produceb) produces c) are producing
26.My sister _____ English very well.a) is speaking b) speak c) speaks
27. Look! She … in the hall. a) is dancing b) dances d) are dancing
28.Every summer we … to the Black Sea.a) does go b) going c) go