English Lesson plan: "The discovery of America"

English Lesson plan: "The discovery of America"
English lesson plan
Theme: “The Discovery of America”
educational: to introduce new words which concern the theme; to teach compounds, give cultural
historical knowledge.
practical: to practice reading, speaking, writing;
to develop pupils’ quick reaction and ability to select necessary information.
developing: to develop listening, reading, speaking, writing skills;
to develop pupils’ creative imagination, memory.
I. Organization moment.
- Good afternoon, pupils! How are you? I’m glad to see you, dear children and our guests. Sit
down, please.
- What is the date today? What day is it today? Is everybody here?
II. Warm-up. Conversation.
What season do we have now? Do you know spring months? What holidays do we celebrate in
spring? Can you tell me some words about weather? What is the weather like today?
Thank you very much.
- Today we’ll speak about the discovery of America.
III. Language work. Dear boys and girls, tell us please the words concern the sea. Make the sea
You should write every word in the ships and let them to sail in the sea by sticking.
- Ok, can you imagine the real sea? Well done, your imaginary helps you to understand the
following task.
IV. Reading
1. Before reading. Today we need these proper names at our lesson. Let’s practice their
Central America,
North America,
South America,
Christopher Columbus,
the United States of America,
the USA,
the States,
Now you will read the text about discovery of America, and its discoverer Christopher
Columbus. Look at these photos…
2. Reading practice. Let’s start reading.
The discovery of America
Nowadays everybody knows what the world “America” means. First of all it is the name of the
country the United States of America or just America. And then America is the name of the
two continents North and South America, form the part of the world called America.
Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.
“In fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”
This is a song that many children learn about Christopher Columbus and his journey to America.
We don’t know much about the man. He was born in Italy but lived in Spain for a long time. He
was a seaman and made many sea voyages. In 1492 the King and the Queen of Spain gave him
money to go to India. He decided to sail west as he was sure that our planet was round. And after
sailing 4000 miles (6400 kilometers), he reached some land. Columbus thought that it must be
India but it was not. It was a new land a new continent. It was America Central America in
fact. People began to speak about the land as “the New World”.
In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue…(Pupils listen to the poem)
Let’s sing together this old song
About the voyage that took him long,
About the sailors, those strong brave men!
Let’s sing and remember them all again!
Ok, go on to read about the life and discovery of Christopher Columbus.
V. Speaking
1. Complete my sentences:
2. You will work in two groups. One group tells a true or false statement, another group find is
that true or false, and correct the statements.
VI. Physical time. Pupils, Native Americans were Indians. Let’s tell the counting about them.
One little, two little, three little Indians
Four little, five little, six little Indians,
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians,
Ten little Indian boys.
Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians,
Seven little, six little, five little Indians,
Four little, three little,
Two little Indians,
One little Indian boy.
VII.Writing. I want you to offer to make our own discoveries. Make compounds from these
arm board
police man
time side
milk chair
cup table
foot ever
class mate
what men
sea ball
VIII. Conclusion: Make a story of Christopher Columbus looking at the pictures.
IX.Giving home task: Give short summary of the discovery of America, learn writing of new
X. Evaluating.
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