Тест "Здорово помогать людям" 5 класс

Form 5 Test Unit 3
I. Listen to the 6 texts about children’s favourite activities. For the sentences 1-6,
choose the correct answer a, b or c.
1. Katie has sung in the choir for _____ years. a) 3 b) 5 c) 6
2. Molly has played ____ since she was 6. a) tennis b) football c) basketball
3. _______ has painted pictures for 5 years. a) Sarah b) Gloria c) Laura
4. Timothy has ____ done for 2 years. a) shopping b) pantomime c) sports
5. Andy has played ____ for 3 years. a) violin b) piano c) drum
6. Shannon and John have danced ballet dances since they were ____ . a) 7 b) 8 c) 9
II. Read the text at pages 42-43 (Activity Book) and for the sentences 1-5, choose the
correct answer a, b or c.
1. The text is about _____. a) Toni Blair b) Tom Bently c) Toni Bently
2. She was ____ . a) a folk dancer b) hip-hop dancer c) ballet dancer
3. She went to ____ school. a) New York b) London c) Paris
4. She stayed at the school of American Ballet for ___ years. a) 3 b) 5 c) 7
5. She joined the new York City ballet at the age of ___ . a) 11 b) 13 c) 18
III. There are mistakes in the sentences. Find and correct them.
1. I has already done my homework.
2. We have watched TV since 2 hours.
3. Have you helped your friend already?
4. She has read a new book for Saturday.
5. My mother have cooked a meal today.
IV. Match the verbs in the first column with the words in the second column.
1. to sweep
a. flowers
2. to rake
b. soft toys
3. to help
c. shopping
4. to water
d. secondhand books
5. to wash off
e. garbage/litter
6. to do
f. paths
7. to collect
g. leaves
8. to pick up
h. graffiti
9. to sew
i. violin
10. play
j. elderly and lonely
V. Fill in the gaps with the correct verbs in Present Perfect.
1. Sarah _____ homework ____ 2 o’clock. (do, since/already)
2. Ben _____ the shopping. (do, already/yet)
3. We ____ the new film ___ . (watch, already/yet)
4. The boys ___ football ___ 5 o’clock. (play, since/already)
5. The girls _____ the dance. (perform, just/yet)
Текст для аудирования (электронное приложение ABBYY для 5 класса):
1. Katie loves singing. She has sung since she was 3. She often sings in school concerts. She
has already sung in the choir for 5 years.
2. Molly plays tennis. She has played tennis since she was 6. She has won two tennis
3. Laura paints really well. She likes presenting her friends with her paintings. She has
painted for 5 years. But she hasn’t had an exhibition yet.
4. Timothy wants to be an actor. He has performed in concerts since he was 6. But now he is
fond of pantomime. He has done pantomime for 2 years.
5. Andy likes music. He can play different musical instruments. He can play the violin and
piano. He has played the piano since he was 7 and he has played the violin for 3 years.
6. Shannon and John are fond of dancing. They can perform different dances. They can
perform folk dances. They have loved folk dances for 9 years. But they have performed
ballet dances since they were 8.
I. 1b 2a 3c 4b 5a 6b
II. 1c 2c 3a 4c 5c
III. 1. has have 2. since-for 3. already- yet 4. for-since 5. have-has
IV. 1f 2g 3j 4a 5h 6c 7d 8e 9b 10i
V. 1. Sarah has already done homework since 2 o’clock.
2. Ben has already done the shopping.
3. We haven’t watched the new film yet.
4. The boys have played football since 5 o’clock.
5. The girls have just performed the dance.