Тест "Поездка в Англию" 5 класс

Unit 6 Test. Form 5.
I. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer a, b or c.
1. Tom has spent a week in ____ .
a) California b) Florida c) Oregon
2. He has tried an Italian food with his ___ .
a) friends b) parents c) relatives
3. He likes to watch ____ on TV.
a) competitions b) films c) cartoons
4. Linda has seen a lot about America on ____.
a) TV b) computer c) books
5. She has tried ____ food.
a) Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese b) Italian, Russian, Vietnamese
c) Italian, Chinese, English
6. She won singing competition ___ year.
a) this b) last c) next
II. Read the text on p. 87AB and choose the correct answer a, b or c.
1. 1.Last summer 2 friends took a trip to ____ .
a) Moscow b) Paris c) London
2. In London they got in ___ .
a) bus b) tram c) taxi
3. In London they searched ___.
a) hotel b) restaurant c) cafe
4. They had to pay ____ to the driver.
a) 25 b) £ 25 c) $ 25
5. At last they found ____ .
a) address of the hotel b) name of the hotel c) address and name of the hotel
2. Write out verb forms from the text on p. 87AB and classify into 3 columns
Past Simple
Past Progressive
Present Perfect
III. Match.
1. The Home of the Queen
2. There is a statue to Admiral Nelson
3. The biggest bell in Britain.
4. The museum Vikings
5. The great children’s park in Britain.
A. Big Ben
B. Vikings Centre
C. Buckingham Palace
D. Alton Towers Park
F. Trafalgar Square
IV. Put the verbs in the brackets into Past Simple or Past Progressive.
Dear Peter,
I’m writing to tell you what (1 happen) to me last week while I (2 visit) my aunt who lives
by the sea. One afternoon I (3 take) her dog for a walk when I (4 notice) a girl who (5 climb)
a tree. As she (6 hang) there. The branch suddenly (7 break) and the girl (8 fall) down. I (9
run) up her but I (10 not know) what to do. A man who (11pass) by (12 help) me to save the
girl. Her parents (13 thank) us giving us large bunches of flowers. The story (14 be) in the
local newspaper.
With love,
Текст для аудирования(электронное приложение ABBYY для 5 класса):
Tom: I went to California last summer for holidays and spent a week there. It was a trip!
Foreign food? Er... Oh, yes. I like Italian food best. I tasted it when I was in Italy with my
parents. ...Well, I like to watch competitions on TV, but I’ve never taken part in them. I have
never tried.
Linda: I’d like to go to America. I’ve seen a lot about it on TV. Of course, I have tasted food
from different countries. There are Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese bars in my area. I like pizza
best of all. Erm... to my surprise I won a singing competition last year. It was a competition
between three schools.
I. 1a 2b 3a 4a 5a 6b
II. 1. 1c 2c 3a 4b 5c
Past Simple
Past Progressive
Present Perfect
were driving
have lost
have found
III. 1C 2F 3A 4B 5D
IV. 1. happened
2. was visiting
3. was taking
4. noticed
5. was climbing
6. was hanging
7. broke
8. fell down
9. ran
10. didn’t know
11. was passing
12. helped
13. thanked
14. was