Тест "Ты любишь ходить за покупками?" 6 класс

Unit 4. Test. Form 6.
I. Listen to the text and сhoose the right answer.
1.Katie has got ____skateboards. a) 2 b) 3 c) 4
2. The skateboards are ___ . a) expensive b) not expensive c) cheap
3. David has _____ the money. a) earned b) saved c) lost
4. David has bought a lot of wonderful things: ___ . a) pencils, watch, games b) pencils,
watch, games, books c) pencils, games, books
5. The most expensive thing Emma has bought was ____. a) a toy b) a doll c) clothes
II. Read the text and correct the wrong statements.
1. Marcy likes shopping.
2. She always looks great in clothes.
3. Marcy went shopping with her friend.
4. Marcy and her mother were looking for a uniform.
5. Marcy is happy when she shops.
6. Marcy bought a party dress
III. Составьте словосочетания.
1. a jar a) of Coke
2. a can b) of coffee
3. a carton c) of tea
4. a bar d) of bread
5. a box e) of chocolate
6. a packet f) of juice
7. a loaf g) of sweets
IV. Впишите слова в нужную колонку
Much Many
Bread, chocolate, sweets, potatoes, eggs, water, fish, bottles, products, snow, rain,
Coke, onions.
V. Вставьте this/ these, that/ those.
1. Do you like … slippers? (The slippers are here.)
2. … is a green pen and … is a red pen. (The green pen is here and the red pen is
3. … shirts are expensive, show me those, please.
4. I’d like to read …book. (The book is here.)
5. … is all right!
6. Do you like … shoes? (The shoes are here.)
7. Who lives in … house? (The house is there.)
8. … plates are dirty. (The plates are here.)
VI. Вставьте one или ones.
1. I don’t like this book. I’d like to read another … .
2. These shoes don’t match my bag. I’ll buy these … .
3. What about this …?
- Yes, that’s all right!
4. Give me another …, please.
5. This shirt is nice and that … is too expensive.
VII. Заполните пропуски словами: much, many, a lot of, a few, few, a little, little.
1. We have ____ of onions in the fridge
2. There’s always ____ snow in the mountains.
3. We’ve got ____ eggs, go and buy some.
4. There are not … shops in our village.
5. We can’t go shopping with you. We’ve got ___ time.
Текст для аудирования (электронное приложение ABBYY для 6 класса):
What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
(Katie Knox): I like skateboarding a lot while Mum doesn’t like it very much! I’ve
got two skateboards. The first one is in bright red, yellow and green colours. My
Dad bought it for me. It was very expensive. I use it mostly at my house at
weekends. But the most expensive one is black and white. I bought it with my
pocket money.
(David Lemon): This year I am very lucky because I have saved 500 pounds over
my birthday, Christmas and from the Easter. I have been trying to save up my
money, but I have found it very hard. There are so many nice things to buy, and
I’ve bought a lot of wonderful things: a pack of coloured pencils, a brown wrist
watch, concert tickets and lots of games and books. But the most expensive thing I
bought was a mobile phone! I had to buy it because my little sister threw my old
one on the floor.
(Emma Adeleye): The most expensive things I’ve bought must be clothes or
shoes. I have this party dress that I wear for special occasions. It’s about two years
old now, but I remember that it was the most expensive thing that I had ever
I. 1a 2a 3b 4b 5c
II. 1. hates 2. awful 3.mother 4. address 5. upset 6. a truser suit
III. 1b 2a 3f 4e 5g 6c 7d
IV. 1. these 2. This that 3. These 4. this 5. That 6. these 7. that 8. These
V. 1. one 2. ones 3. one 4. one 5.one
VI. 1. lot
2. much/a lot of
3. few
4. many
5. little