Контрольная работа "Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий" 7 класс

Данная работа подходит для проведения контроля навыков письма в 7
классе после изучения темы «Степени сравнения прилагательных и
наречий», после проведения контрольной работы можно определить уровень
знаний учащихся по данной теме.
Fill in the correct form of the adjective/adverb in brackets in the
comparative/superlative degree.
1. That was…(bad) film I have ever seen.
2. My best friend …(funny) person in the class.
3. She works…(carefully) the others.
4. Excuse me. Where is…(near) telephone-box?
5. Jane is…(pretty) then her sister is.
6. Could you speak a bite…(slowly), please?
7. She ran…(fast) of all.
8. Which of these carpets do you think is…(good)?
9. Friendship is…(strong)then steel.
10. Where is it…(beautiful), in the mountains or near the sea?
1. the worst
2. the funniest
3. more carefully
4. the nearest
5. prettier
6. more slowly
7. the fastest
8. better
9. stronger
10. more beautiful