Презентация "The Most Important Job" 10 класс

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The Most Important Job  Work is an integral part of our life. Without work people get bored and insecure. Money is not the only reason why people work. Many professions need to be developed and justified over a period of time. The job of a teacher
  • The profession of a teacher is a very noble one. A teacher is a very important person for every family, where the schoolchildren live.
Almost everyone in our society acts like a teacher: TV producers teach us life, we teach our children, our children teach their pets. We suppose it is easy to impart practical skills and habits, to cultivate love in children, to share knowledge. On the one hand it`s a great responsibility for children, on the other hand it`s a very interesting, exciting and valuable profession in our life. Teachers do not only teach their subjects. They develop their pupils' intellect, form their views and characters, their attitudes to life and to other people. It's a great responsibility and the teacher must be a model of competence himself. The profession of a teacher demands a great erudition and a great patience to children. I believe, that people, who teach children, must have more time for self-education and must be paid well. Thank you very much for your attention!