Тест "Confusing Words" 8-9 класс

Complete the following sentences with the correct word. This is an example at the
beginning (0).
0. My teacher gave me some very useful advice . advice /advise.
1. Twenty years ago, very few people owned computers, but ____________________ a
lot of people have them. actually / now
2. My poor pronunciation sometimes_____________________ my ability to
communicate in English. affects / effects
3. I haven’t seen her_______________ this morning. already / yet
4. I have always been ______________________ snakes and spiders. worried about
/afraid of
5. My limited vocabulary ___________________me from getting a good grade in the
FCE. avoided / prevented
6. At 3 o’clock, I __________the children from school. bring / fetch
7. If you learn the vocabulary in this book, you have a better _____________ of
passing the FCE. chance / possibility
8. My English isn’t good. I’m always making ________________ mistakes.
continuous / continual
9. Last summer we had a _____________ holiday in Italy. formidable /wonderful
10. ‘Didn’t you enjoy the party?’ ’Yes, it was _____________. ‘fun /funny
11. I ________________swimming and running every day. go/play
12. Molly asked me if I would like to _____________ her to the cinema. go with /follow
13. You can borrow my car, but if you ___________it, I’ll never talk to you again!
harm / damage
14. I like working here. It’s a good _____________. job / work
15. She’s such a _______________girl; she’s always helping people. kind/sympathetic
16. I asked him to __________me 20 $ until Monday. borrow / lend
17. My mother asked me to _________ the table. lay/lie
18. I love being in the _________in spring. countryside / nature
19. I thought the painting was worth a lot of money, but in fact it was _______.
priceless / worthless
20. I sat on the beach at dawn and watched the sun ______. raise / rise
21. When we go to town, could you ____________me to buy some milk?
22. From the top of the hill, you have a marvelous _______of the town. view/scenery
23. He’s a _________ boy and gets upset easily. sensible/sensitive
24. When you come to school tomorrow, don’t forget to _______your dictionary.