Викторина "Mount Rusmore"

Викторина для обучающихся 5-11 классов общеобразовательных учреждений
Автор - составитель: Мустафаева Алиме Серверовна, учитель английского
языка (МОУ «Овощновская школа»)
1. Who had an idea to have a large sculpture made in the Mount Rushmore?
a) Gutzon Borglum
b) Doane Robinson +
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Richard Rushmore
2. What kind of heroes did Doane Robinson want the new sculpture to have?
a) heroes of the West +
b) book heroes
c) presidents of the United States
d) famous sports heroes
3. Who designed the Mount Rushmore sculpture?
a) Doane Robinson
b) Gutzon Borglum +
c) Richard Rushmore
d) South Dakota
4. Gutzon Borglum was a…
a) writer
b) lawyer
c) businessman
d) artist +
5. How long did it take to complete the sculpture?
a) 41 year
b) 27 years
c) 18 years
d) 14 years +
6. How many people assisted Gutzon Borglum to make the sculpture?
a) over 100 men
b) over 200 men
c) over 300 men
d) over 400 men +
7. What happened less than a year before the Mount Rushmore sculpture was
a) there was no money to finish it
b) the workers stopped working on the sculpture
c) the sculpture was destroyed
d) Gutzon Borglum died +
8. Who helped Gutzon Borglum to finish the sculpture?
a) his grandson
b) his daughter
c) his son +
d) other person
9. What is the synonym for sculpture?
a) picture
b) mountain +
c) statue
d) photo
10. What does the sculpture symbolize?
a) American idea of freedom +
b) American heroes
c) photo of presidents
d) heroes of the West.