Тест "If - clauses" 7 кл

1. If you … snow, it … .
a) heats, melt b) will heat, melts c) heat, melts d) heat, will melt
2. We … to the park if the weather … fine tomorrow.
a) will go, is b) go, will be c) go, be d) go, is
3. If you … red and yellow, you … orange.
a) mix, get b) will mix, will get c) mix, won’t get d) mix, will get
4. If I … English, I … letters to my friend in London.
a) will learn, can write b) learn, can’t write c) learn, will can write d) learn, can write
5. You … a bad mark if you … this test.
a) get, will do b) will get, do c) will get, don’t do d) get, won’t do
6. If it … sunny, our family … to the seaside.
a) was, will go b) is, will go c) will be, go d) is, will gone
7. If you … water, it … to ice.
a) freeze, will turn b) freezes, will turn c) will freeze, turns d)freeze, can turn
8. We … football this afternoon if it … .
a) can play, rain b) can play, will rain c) can’t play, rains, d) can’t play, doesn’t rain
9. I … to see you if I … time.
a) come, will have b) won’t come, have c) will come, have d) comes, will have
10. They … the 11.00. train if they … at the station on time.
a) catch, will arrive b) won’t catch, arrive c) don’t catch, don’t arrive d) won’t catch, don’t arrive
1c, 2a, 3a, 4d, 5c, 6b, 7d, 8c, 9c, 10d.