Тест "Infinitive/-ing form" 11 класс

1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct infinitive or ing form.
1) A: How about ____________(go) to the shops this afternoon?
B: Great! I need _____________(buy) a new dress for the party.
2) A: John has promised________________(help) me with my
B: That was nice of him _________________(offer)!
3) A: I’m hungry. Is there anything ________________(eat)?
B: There are some sandwiches in the fridge. Help yourself.
4) A: Dan can’t stand _______________(drive) to work every morning.
B: Then he should consider _______________(take) the train.
5) A: How do you know that Paola took the letter?
B: I saw her _________________(put) in her bag.
6) A: Why do you keep ________________(look) at your watch?
B: Because I have an appointment and I don’t want ____________ (be)
7) A: Is Ben in his room?
B: Yes, I’ve just heard him ________________(talk) on his mobile.
8) A: It was really nice of Jeff and Sally _______________(help) us
move house.
B: Yes, we are lucky ______________(have) such good friends.
2. Complete the conversation between a travel agent and a customer
using the infinitive or ing form.
A: Good morning, sir. Can I ______________(help) you?
M: Yes. I’m interested in _________________(go) on holiday somewhere in
the Caribbean.
A: OK. And when would you like ________________(travel)?
M: I fancy ______________(take) a trip sometime in the spring.
A: Great! And how long are you hoping to stay?
M: About two weeks. That’s be long enough ______________(relax) and
enjoy the sun.
A: Very good, sir. I can see that there are two package deals available for the
first two weeks of May, one for the Dominican Republic and the other for
Turks and Caicos.
M: Turks and Caicos sound interesting. But will I have to ___________ (get)
there by boat?
A: Not necessarily. There’s an airport there. However, you may want
_____________(take) a boat if you’d like want to go ____________ (tour)
around the islands.
M: Sounds good. Can I _______________(book) and pay by credit card