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Презентация "English Surnames (Английские фамилии)"

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Конфета Ольга Игоревна,

ученица 10 класса Муниципального общеобразовательного учреждения «Школа № 60 города Донецка»


Аникеенко Наталья Владимировна,

учитель английского языка Муниципального общеобразовательного учреждения «Школа № 60 города Донецка»


  • Onomastics is a branch of lexicology which studies proper names.
  • Anthroponomastics, the study of personal names (anthroponyms), is one of the principal branches of onomastics.
  • Anthroponym is a personal name.
  • The componential analysis is an attempt to describe the meaning of words in terms of a universal inventory of semantic components and their possible combinations.


  • The aim of this paper is to examine the place of surnames (anthroponyms) in the system of proper names in the English language.
  • Objectives of this study:
  • - To show the features of the English surnames origin. - To analyse the history of the emergence of English surnames. - To consider the methods and sources of the English surnames formation. - To study and analyse the origin of the surname “Sweet” and its place in the system of language and society.


  • First name /given name (also, forename, Christian name) is a name that is given at birth and stands first in a person’s full name.
  • Middle name is the second name of a person. It stands between the first name and the family name.
  • Last name/surname/family name is a family name used by the members of the same family.


  • Population increase
  • Growth of urban areas
  • Improved record keeping
  • Clans and families wanted to be distinguishable from neighbours
  • Rise of Christianity with need of surname at baptism


King Edward V

(between April and June, 1483)

"They shall take unto them a Surname, either of some Town, or some Colour, as Black or Brown, or some Art or Science, as Smyth or Carpenter, or some Office, as Cooke or Butler."

The Origin of Surnames

Four general groups:

  • those formed from the given name of the father
  • those arising from bodily or personal characteristics
  • those derived from locality or place of residence
  • those derived from occupation

The Origin of Surnames

Surnames formed from the given name of the father

Surnames arising from bodily or personal characteristics

by adding a prefix or suffix denoting either "son of" or a diminutive:

  • "son" (or the contraction "s")
  • "ing“
  • "kin"
  • Gaelic "Mac“
  • Norman "Fitz“
  • Irish "0“
  • Welsh "ap"

were in the first instance nicknames.

  • character traits
  • descriptive terms

The Origin of Surnames

Surnames derived from locality or place of residence

. Surnames derived from occupation

  • "atte"
  • "ford“
  • "ham“
  • "ley“
  • "ton“
  • Sources of peoples' surnames:

  • nationalities
  • cities
  • villages
  • architectural features
  • geographical features
  • suffix 'er‘
  • This category includes the most common of all English language surnames Smith

    (3 million people in the United States and more than 500,000 people in the United Kingdom).

The reasons of surname change

Freddie Mercury (birth name Farrokh Bulsara )

  • marriage
  • to dissociate themselves from a wrongdoer
  • simple spelling mistakes
  • immigration (to sound more English)



  • is of Anglo-Saxon origin
  • was created from a nickname
  • was used to denote an affable, kind person
  • The first documented information about this name dates back to AD 970.

    Related and similar surnames : Sweat, Sweatt, Sweatte, Swait, Swatt, Swee, Swede, Sweed, Swatts, Sweeet, Swedt, Sweeat, Sweate, Swat, Swate, Sweatd, Sweats, Sswat, Swayt, Swaat, Sweath, Sweatts, Swaite, Swayte, Sweates, Swaitt, Scwietz, Skwat

    Surname Sweet is used in 44 countries.

Notable people with the surname Sweet

Blanche Sarah Sweet

(1896–1986), a silent film actress

Darrell Sweet (musician)

(1947-1999), a co-founder and drummer of the band Nazareth

Notable people with the surname Sweet

Melissa Sweet (born 1956), an American children's illustrator

Denise Sweet, a Native American poet and academic


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