Сценарий "Merry Easter" 4 класс

Подготовили учителя английского языка
Ян Е. А, Киселева Е. О.
МБОУ СОШ №157 г. Екатеринбург
Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Merry Easter» для 4 класса
Цель мероприятия: Знакомство с историей и традициями проведения
праздника- Пасхи в Британии.
развитие коммуникативных умений по теме «Пасха в Великобритании»
формирование положительной мотивации к изучению английского языка
развитие творческих способностей обучающихся
воспитание у учащихся уважительного отношения к культуре и
национальным традициям страны изучаемого языка
активизация и расширение лексического запаса
формирование и развитие навыков монологической речи, чтения
мультимедийный проектор
фломастеры, 2 картинки- разукрашки
корзина, карточки с названием команд
доска, мел
(Звучит музыка, дети входят в класс)
Teacher: Good afternoon, children! Welcome to our party! Today we're going to
speak about Easter in Britain. You will play different games, sing songs and dance!
And now pupils present you some information about Easter! Look at the screen,
(Двое учеников представляют презентацию «История праздника Пасхи».
Один на англ. яз., др. на русском)
Teacher: Thank you very much for your informative presentation! Now let's see how
you remember Easter symbols in Britain. Ann, Sasha, Misha, Dima and Veronica will
tell us about them. Please, you are welcome!
Sasha: (1 слайд Hot cross buns)
Hot cross buns are special Easter cakes with a cross on it. The Cross is a symbol of
Christ's victory over the death.
Ann: (2 слайд Easter eggs)
Egss are one of the most important symbols of Easter symbolize life. In Britain
people usually exchange chocolate eggs.
Misha: (3 слайд Easter Bunny)
Easter Bunny is a rabbit that brings chocolate eggs to children. He hides egg for
children on Easter morning.
Dima: (4 слайд Easter tree)
Easter tree is a tree which people in Britain decorate with the Easter eggs.
Veronica: (5 слайд Bonnet)
Easter Bonnet is a symbol of new clothes wearing on this holiday. He hides the eggs
on Easter morning.
Teacher: Thank you so much! How do you think what British peole usually do on
1 Pupil: They exchange eggs.
2 Pupil: They cook tasty dinner.
3Pupil: They spend this holiday with relatives and friends.
Teacher: Right you are! But! British people like playing different Easter games, such
as Egg Rolling and Easter Egg Hunt. And now I invite you to play “Easter Hunt”.
Let's divide into three teams. Each team must find Easter eggs of such colour (red,
green, yellow) that a ribbon on the basket and put them there. You will play this game
to music. As soon as the misic stops, you should take your seats. That quickest team
which puts all the eggs to the basket will get a present.
(поощрительные призы получают все игроки)
Teacher: Great! What sportive pupils you are!!!! Let's look at eggs in your baskets.
There's an egg with the task in each your basket. Find them, please!
(дети ищут яйцо с заданием)
Teacher: Red team, read the task, please.
Red Team: Decorate the Easter tree.
(все команды украшают яйцами из корзины свое пасхальное дерево)
Teacher: It's a very beautiful Easter tree!!! Red team, tell us the poem about Easter,
Red team:
Easter eggs yellow and blue,
Easter eggs for me and you,
Easter eggs and candy sweets,
Easter eggs are good to eat,
Easter eggs pretty and funny,
Where, oh...Where is an Easter Bunny?
Teacher: Thank you for your poem. I like it very much. Green Team, read the task,
Green Team: Sing Easter song.
Teacher: Stand up children. Let's sing the song Easter Bunny Bopand dance!!!
(все команды поют и танцуют)
Teacher: It's a very merry song. I like it! Good of you! Green Team, tell us a poem,
Green Team:
Spring is here! Spring is here!
Winter is gone and flowers appear.
Three little robbins begin to sing.
Four bicycle rings begin to ring.
Five children come out and jump the rope.
Spring is here now! I hope! I hope!
Teacher: Thank you. It's a very beautiful poem about spring. Now Yellow Team, read
the task, please.
Yellow Team: Colour the picture.
(всем командам выдаются разукрашки с заданием «пасхальная корзина с
яйцами и кроликом»)
1. The basket is brown.
2. The chick is yellow.
3. Two eggs are red.
4. Three eggs are green.
5. One egg is blue.
6. The Bunny is pink.
Teacher: I see you are real painters! Now, Yellow Team, read the poem, please.
Yellow Team:
Open the windows and open the door
And let the fresh breezes blow in.
Father Frost has gone to his home in the north,
And all of a sudden it's Spring!
Teacher: Thank you for your poem.I like it very much! All the teams are perfect! But
i've got a new challenge for you. So, i've got several cards with the words. Your task
is to make up a sentence from these cards and I give you 3 minutes. The best team
will get a good present for it. Start!!!
(Детям раздаются карточки со словами. Звучит музыка.)
Red Team “Easter Bunny can run and jump”
Green Team Easter Bunny likes chocolate eggs
Yellow Team “Easter Bunny can sing and dance”
(Дарим подарки команде-победительнице, а так же мини призы всем
Teacher: Today we've got acquainted with a lot of traditoins of Easter in Britain. Now
let's do the Easter Quiz. I'll ask you some questions and you will choose a correct
answer. Look at the screen, please. Question №1....
(презентация с вопросами и вариантами ответов)
1) In what season do people celebrate Easter?
- Summer, - Autumn, - Winter, - Spring
2) What Easter symbols in Britain do you know? (Easter Bunny, Eggs, Easter tree,
Hot сross buns, Easter basket and Spring flowers on the Bonnet )
3) What do British people usually eat on Easter? (chocolate eggs, Easter sandwiches,
hot cross buns, omelet )
4) What are the most popular Easter games? (egg eating, egg rolling, ehh hunt, egg
Teacher: Girls and Boys, we did all the tasks. All the teams are perfect! It's time to
finish our Easter party. I've some Hot Cross Buns for you. Merry Easter!!!
Pupils: Merry Easter!