Конспект урока "Cinema" 8-11 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку.
Тема урока: Cinema
Цели урока:
- учебная: первичное введение лексики по теме “cinema”,
- образовательная: ознакомление учащихся с различными жанрами
фильмов, а также с рецензиями на фильмы;
-развивающая: развитие умения логично, выразительно высказываться,
умение слушать собеседника.
Сопутствующие задачи:
- развитие навыков говорения,
- первичное закрепление лексики,
Павлоцкий В.М. Read. Learn. Discuss.
Оформление доски, печатный текст, цветные карточки, картинки из
Ход урока:
1. Организация класса, приветствие, обозначение задач урока (5 мин).
Today we will start a new topic that is cinema. We will read the text about the
development of the era of cinematography and then we will discuss it. Also we
will speak about different international film festivals, especially about Oscar
Ceremony. But at first I want to ask you some questions”.
2. Подготовка класса к изучению новой темы, опрос по теме «кино»:
- Do you prefer to go to the cinema or watch films on TV?
- How often do you go to the cinema?
- What types of films do you prefer? And so on. (8 мин).
3. Many people consider cinema to be one of the greatest arts. And it is
necessary to know its history. So now we will read the text about cinema’s
development. Be ready to answer the questions”.
Чтение текста, перевод, обсуждение по вопросам (15 мин):
a). What anniversary are we celebrating this year?
b). Who are considered to be the inventors of the cinema?
c). What arts does the cinema combine?
d). People of what professions are involved in film production?
e). What do you know about the Russian cinematography?
f). Have you seen any films by Charlie Chaplin? Do you like them?
g). Why was the cinema so important during the war?
h). What is the difference between Russian and foreign movies?
i). Why do people prefer to watch video films or TV at home nowadays?
4. Работа с новыми словами (15 мин):
Here are some words. Some of them are familiar to you, some are new. Your
task will be to work with the dictionaries and find the meanings of the words
and to put them into three columns: words which denote professions connected
with film production; nouns and verbs”.
producer script to be dubbed
composer screen version to release a film
assistant director subtitles to dub
scene designer sound track
supporting actress close-up
4. Работа с различными жанрами фильмов в группах:
What genres of films do you know? I see that you know a lot of them. So now
your task will be the following: I will give you the red cards with some films
titles and the yellow ones with the genre of film. Your task will be to match
each title with the most appropriate kind of film (10 мин).
Last days of the Black Rock Gang musical
Casablanca to Cape Town in 20 days travelogue
John loves Mary loves Tom loves Judy romantic comedy
Bonaparte and Alexander historical film
The August of 1944 war film
Secret witness mystery film
The blood of the innocents horror film
Tom and Gerry cartoon
Wildlife and the West western
Life of Jack Kennedy documentary
Avalanche disaster movie
5. Обсуждение различных фестивалей кино. Прослушивание доклада,
приготовленного учащимися о церемонии вручения премий Оскар, о ее
основных традициях и о результатах недавно прошедшей церемонии
по следующим номинациям (10 мин):
Best film Best Original Score (music)
Best Actor Best Costumes/ Wardrobe
Best Actress Best Short (film)
Best Supporting Actor Best Special Effects
Best Supporting Actress Best Screen Adaptation
Best Director Best Original Screenplay (script)
6. Обучение навыкам монологической речи:
Imagine you have just won an Oscar, the award for the Best Actor or Actress,
at this years Hollywood ceremony. What would you say? Время подготовки
5-7 минут. Несколько человек выступают со своей речью.
7. Объяснение домашнего задания: (3 мин.)
“Your hometask is to make the presentation of your favourite actor or actress”.
8. Оценка работы учащихся (3 мин.)