Викторина по английскому языку "Christmas" 9 класс

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Викторина по английскому языку
в 9 классе по теме
учитель английского языка
Соколовская Дарья Викторовна
г. Томск
Викторина «Christmas»
1 When is Christmas celebrated in Europe?
a) on the 7th of January b) on the 25th of December c) on the 31st of December
2 Whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas?
a) Jesus Christ b) Santa Claus c) Queen Victoria
3 What country gave us the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree?
a) Norway b) Italy c) Germany
4 Where does the most famous Christmas tree stand in London?
a) in front of Buckingham Palace b) in Trafalgar Square c) in Parliament Square
5 What do people call Father Frost in the west?
a) Santa Claus b) Frost- Red Nose c) Grandfather Frost
6 What does Santa Claus look like?
a) is dressed in white b) fat and merry c) thin and unhappy
7 How does Santa Claus enter the houses to give children Christmas presents?
a) knock at the door b) through the window c) climb down the chimney
8 Where does Santa Claus put Christmas presents?
a) under the Christmas tree b) in long socks called “Christmas stockings” c) in colorful boxes
9 What is the traditional Christmas food?
a) roast chicken b) vegetables c) roast turkey and Christmas pudding
10 How do British people decorate their houses at Christmas?
a) with tinsel and candles b) with angels c) with such plants as holly, mistletoe and ivy
11 How does Santa Claus travel?
a) by horses b) on a sleigh pulled by reindeer c) on foot
12 What do British people put on the top of the fur tree?
a) an angel b) a star c) a figure of Santa Claus
13 What do British people traditionally do at the start of Christmas meal?
a) sing carols b) pull a cracker c) give presents to each other
14 How does Santa Claus spend most of the year?
a) in his workshop making toys b) in his ice palace reading children’s letters c) in
his sleigh visiting a lot of shops
Ключи к заданиям викторины:
1. b 8. b
2. a 9. c
3. c 10. c
4. b 11. b
5. a 12. a
6 b 13. b
7. c 14. A