Тест "Narrative tenses, sequences and discourse markers" 9 класс

This is a lesson plan designed for lower-level (A2-B1) teenagers. It is designed to
help students write short stories using different narrative tenses, sequences and
discourse markers.
Оборудование: чистые листы, ручки
Посадите детей в круг и дайте каждому, чистый лист и ручку. Расскажите,
что сегодня они будут вместе писать истории.
If you have 8 students, at the end of the class they will have written 8 stories.
Напишите на доске:
Once, there was a man/woman called ……. who….
Предложение ученики переписывают себе в листочки, и решают, кто будет
главным героем мужчина/женщина, и дают ему имя.
Tell students to copy the sentence onto their piece of paper, decide if the character
is a man or a woman and give them a name.
Затем ученики передают свой лист ученику слева, и он должен закончить
первое предложение.
Students then pass the piece of paper to the left; they must then complete the first
sentence, for example:
Once, there was a man called Jimmy who lived under a bridge.
Students then pass the paper again, and copy down and complete the following:
One day ….. was …..ing….
For example:
One day Jimmy was walking down the street
Students pass again and complete the following:
when…+ past simple
One day Jimmy was walking down the street when he saw a police car driving
towards him.
Пример плана, для написания истории:
1. Once there was a man/woman called …who…
2. Complete sentence 1.
3. One day …. was….ing
4. Complete sentence 3: when…..
5. Suddenly….
6. Fortunately….
7. Unfortunately….
8. And in the end….
9. And the moral of the story is….
While students are writing try to monitor and help them with vocabulary and
narrative tenses. When they have all finished have them read out their stories one
by one and then vote on their favourite one.
Follow up
Students write another story using the same basic structure for homework.