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Презентация "Anton Shipulin" 6 класс

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«Letnik school»

Anton Shipulin

Sidorkina Maria

Class 6

Aleksandrova R.V.

English Teacher



The purpose of the presentation is

to recognize more about great sportsman.

The reasons of choice the theme:

- I was interested in the Olympic Games in Sochi

- I was interested in the biography of the biathlete

- I wanted to check my forces in creation of scientific English work

Anton Vladimirovich Shipulin

is a Russian biathlete

Shipulin Anton was born in Tyumen in a sports family . His parents Vladimir Ivanovich and Alla Abushaevna were specialists in ski training, it is determined the occupation of little Anton.


Anton has two sisters.Anya and Anton are twins. Anya went skiing too, but then she decided to stop to do sports. Anya received two degrees, she has a family and a child.

Older sister is Anastasia

Kuzmina,Olympic champion in

2010 and winner of the

World Cup . Now she has lived in Slovakia.

Today Anastasia is the first

biathlete of the top ten and the

Olympic champion in Sochi.


The 15 -year-old Anton has begun his career in biathlon .


He has won two victories at the European Youth Festival.


Anton has won the first victory in the competition of the relay at the World Championships in the American Presque Isle .


  • Anton has won the silver medal in the individual race in Val Martello/Italy/.
  • He has won the silver in the sprint, the bronze in the pursuit, the gold in the relay in the European Championship.


  • Anton was the best in the sprint and pursuit at the World Championships in Ruhpolding. He has won all three races and personal baton. He has celebrated victory in the relay with teammates Dmitry Blinov , Paul Magazeev , Viktor Vasilyev . In the individual race Anton has won the silver medal. This year Anton has become the absolute European champion.


He has become a member of the Russian Olympic team in biathlon at the Games in Vancouver. Anton has won the bronze medal as part of men's relay .


Anton Shipulin is the member of the Russian Olympic team in Sochi. He has won the gold medal with Evgeny Ustugov,Alexey Volkov and Dmitry Malyshko in the men’s relay at the Winter Olympic Games, in Sochi.


Anton Shipulin is

-Absolute champion of

European Biathlon

Championship /2008, juniors/.

-The bronze medallist of

Winter OlympicGames/2010/.

-The best Russian biathlon

marksman /2010/ .

-The Olympic Champion of

the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi/2014/.







Thank you

for your attention!