Quiz "Martial Arts"

Quiz 45 (2 курс)
Martial Arts
1. Karate is a Japanese martial art that uses various punches, kicks and blocks.
What does the word karate mean?
1. Strong arm 3. Open hand
2. Healthy punch 4. Fist fighting
2. Which martial arts technique involves different kinds of locks and holds?
1. Kung fu 3. Jujitsu
2. Karate 4. Tai chi
3. The Samurai were a class of ancient martial arts warriors from what country?
1. Samoa 2. China 3. Thailand 4. Japan
4. Which of these martial arts styles uses various throws and tripping techniques to defeat
an opponent?
1. Tae kwon do 3. Judo
2. Iado 4. Karate
5. Kung fu is a martial art from China that is known for having various animal stances.
Which of these is not a kung fu animal style?
1. Monkey 3. Tiger
2. Snake 4. Bear
6. What is the name of the place where martial arts are taught or practised?
1. Dojo 3. Dan
2. Judoka 4. Katsu
7. Which of these martial arts are NOT from Japan?
1. Kendo 3. Tae kwon do
2. Judo 4. Karate
8. Ninjutsu is the martial arts form practised by Ninjas like the Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles. What is a “white ninja”?
1. A good ninja 3. A female ninja
2. A ninja that has lost his powers 4. A bad ninja
9. Which of the following martial arts is an Olimpic sport?
1. Aikido 3. Judo
2. Kung fu 4. Karate
10. Which of these is not considered a good reason to take up martial arts?
1. to improve your 3. to be able to beat your
physical conditioning younger brother or sister up
2. to improve your 4. to learn self-defence
mental strength