Презентация "Is It Easy to Live apart from the Family?" 9 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Is It Easy to Live apart from the Family? Let’s read the poem all together! This is a family      Let’s count them and see,   How many there are,  And who they can be. This is the mother  Who loves everyone. And this is the father Who is lots of fun. This is my sister She helps and she plays,  And this is the baby  He’s growing each day. Read and answer the questions!
  • 1) Have you ever live apart from your family? When and where was it? 
  • 2) Have you ever been to a youth or a student camp? Did you enjoy living there? What did you like most and what did you dislike most? 
  • 3) Do you feel all right when you are living apart from your family or do you miss them badly? 
  • 4) Do you usually get on well with your roommates? 
Match the words and their definitions.



1. a chatterbox

a) someone who reads a lot and spends all his/her time with books

2. a bookworm

b) someone who worries a lot about everything

3. a fusser

c) someone who is boring and who troubles people with boring things

4. a bore

d) someone who talks too much

Fill in the blanks with the words above.
  • Jane is a real … . She spends all the time reading.
  • Jack is a … . He always speaks about dull and boring things and wants everybody to listen to him.
  • You can’t fancy what a … Julia is. To her, living means talking. If we invite her to the party, we’ll have to listen to her the whole evening.
  • Don’t tell Jessica about your exam. She is such a … . She will worry a lot about it and will add to your troubles.
Let’s have a rest! Look left, right Look up, look down Look around. Look at your nose Look at that rose Close your eyes Open, wink and smile. Your eyes are happy again. Thank you for your attention! The lesson is over.