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Презентация "Clever animals"

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  • March, 29th, 2011


  • Повторим внешность (части тела) и умения животных
  • Узнаем о видах животных
  • Научимся описывать животное по рисунку
  • Научимся писать и отгадывать загадки

This is a lizard.

Kinds of animals. Read and translate:

  • Mammals (млекопитающие) are from their mother’s bodies, they drink their mother’s milk as a baby.
  • Reptiles (рептилии)have got bodies with scales (чешуя), their babies are from the eggs.
  • Insects (насекомые) are small animals with six legs.
  • Birds (птицы)have got two wigs (крылья), some of them can fly.

Read and say as in the model:

  • 1. This is a lizard.
  • It has got a long tail.
  • It can walk, run and jump but it can’t talk.
  • 2. Is it a lizard?
  • Has it got a long tail?
  • Can it walk? Can it run? Can it talk?
  • 3. The lizard is a reptile, it has got a body with scales, its babies are from the eggs.

A riddle

  • This is a bird. It is from Australia. Its body and legs are brown and its head and neck is blue. It can run very fast, but it can’t fly. (an emu)

Our class is over

  • Thank you for your work!
  • Inkina Z.M.