Презентация "Medieval Schools. Medieval universities" 10 класс

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Medieval schools.

Medieval universities.

Early Middle Ages is called the "dark ages."

At this time in Western Europe clearly traced deep cultural decline. Books of ancient authors and the study of mathematics were banned. In VX century in Western Europe had reigned ignorance and illiteracy.

Cultural revival began in the years when the power was Charlemagne.

The first schools started at monasteries and churches. Education was paid, was conducted in Latin, and was visited by such school children of wealthy citizens, feudal lords. At school studied only boys. For three years they had taught writing, memorized the multiplication table, singing church songs and learned the basics of the Catholic faith.

In larger schools education was more serious. Here pupils studied grammar, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, dialectics and music. Education is often stretched to 12-13 years.

Since the XI century, the number of church schools was growing.

Here are some types of schools: appear secular, urban private and public schools. The Church doesn’t influence on them so much. States of growing cities needed educated people, doctors and officials, judges and teachers.

On the basis of the cathedral school or in the cities began to emerge universities.

The first university was the University in Paris. It consisted of about 7 thousand teachers and students. Students and teachers were united in "university" or a community corporation. Universities had self-selected leaders and their own court.

In the medieval university had three faculties: Law, Medicine and the Sorcerer (Theological).

Before entering students had to pass a preparatory - artistic faculty. Here they taught 7 Liberal Arts. In XIV-XV century first was created the students’ hostel.

Over time, there began to hold lectures and debates. The University in Paris was the largest higher education system of the Middle Ages. Another great fame enjoyed Bologna, Cambridge, Oxford and the University of Cracow.