Презентация "Gadgets or new technologies in our life" 8 класс

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Gadgets or new technologies in our life

gadget  [ˈɡædʒɪt] n

1. a small mechanical device or appliance

2. any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use

  a camera, a sewing machine, a computer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a mobile phone, a TV set, , a mower, a vacuum cleaner, a calculator, a videophone, an alarm clock, a DVD player, a fax machine

What gadgets do people use?

Match the pictures and the words.

Choose the right answer. A   is used to cut and collect the grass. (vacuum cleaner, fax machine, mower) An    is used to wake up people and to tell the time.  (alarm clock, mower, mobile phone) A   is used to take photographs.    ( dishwasher, computer, camera) A  is used to wash the dishes.   (calculator, dishwasher, fax machine) A   is used to perform everyday cleaning.  (vacuum cleaner, mobile phone, mower) A   is used to send and receive urgent messages.  A   is used to send and receive urgent messages.  (fax machine, computer, dishwasher) A   is used to write programs, play games, find information.  (mobile phone, computer, calculator) A   is used to receive or make calls. (camera, TV set, mobile phone) A is used to cook and defrost food. (TV set, videophone, microwave oven)


Do you know these abbreviations? Match the equivalents Do you know these abbreviations? Match the equivalents
  • Gadget Цифровой электронный прибор
  • Hi-tech Высокие технологии
  • Network Сеть
  • PDA (Personal digital assistant ) Персональный карманный компьютер
  • SMS ( Send somebody message) Отправить текстовое сообщение
  • @ ( at ) На («собака»)
  • MP3 (Music Player) Проигрыватель музыки
  • ADSL (Automatic Device Server Link) Прибор для соединения с интернетом
  • IPOD Миникомпьютер (планшет)
  • DVD (Digital Video Device) Цифровой видео прибор


What do you use these items for?

Match with the phrases

  • a laptop
  • a TV
  • a video camera
  • an MP3 player
  • a computer
  • a digital camera
  • a PDA
  • a Microwave oven
  • a Mobile phone
  • a robot
  • take and show photos to my friends
  • watch the news, a DVD
  • plan my day; keeping documents
  • film some parties
  • listen to music
  • make and receive some calls
  • look up my friends’ addresses
  • cook and reheat the food
  • do some internet research;chat..
  • j) can cook, do homework for me

A Dogwalker

What kind of gadgets do you own and use?

Home task: Home task: to write a report about any gadget you want
  • what for do we use it
  • technical characteristics
  • advantages
  • disadvantages
The lesson is over. Thank you.