Презентация "What river does New York stand on?" 9 класс

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What river does New York stand on? a) The Hudson river

c) The Mississippi

b) The Potomac river

d) The Colorado

Which is the tallest skyscraper in New York a) The Pan American Building

c) The Chrysler Building

b) The Empire State Building

d) The Rockefeller Center

Which is the longest street in New-York? a) Broadway

c) Whitehall Street

b) Madison Avenue

d) Amsterdam Avenue

Where was the Statue of Liberty built? a) In England

c) In German

b) In France

d) In Russia

Which of the sights of New-York was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? a) The Rockefeller Center

c) The American Museum of Natural History

b) The Guggenheim Museum

d) The UN Headquarters

What monument in Washington D. C. is called “the pencil”? a) The monument to the Battle of Gettysburg

c) The Lincoln Memorial

b) The Washington monument

d) The Jefferson Memorial

Where was G. Washington born? a)In Florida

c)In Texas

b)In Georgia

d)In Virginia

What is the name of the place where you can see a lot of stars? a) Hollywood Boulevard

c)The Walk of Fame

b) The red carpet

d) The Great White Way