Открытый урок "A magic picture" 4 класс скачать

Открытый урок "A magic picture" 4 класс

Открытый урок английского языка в 4 классе
Тема: «A magic picture»
Цель: развивать навык коммуникативного общения
Основные задачи:1) тренировка ЛЕ по теме:
«Город и село», употребление степеней сравнения
2) развивать память, внимание, логическое
мышление, языковую догадку.
3) практиковать навыки монологической и
диалогической речи.
4) воспитывать интерес к стране изучаемого языка.
Оборудование: письмо, мяч, обезьяна, карточки с
1.Начало урока.
-Hello, boys and girls! Today we will have an unusual
lesson. Let’s say hello to our guests!
2. Введение в тему урока.
Look, I have received the letter from Hobbit, but I can’t
read it. In this letter there are many parts of the picture.
Hobbit writes about a hero of fairy-tale, who will visit us
very soon. Do you want to know this hero? Let’s start. We
must do all tasks.
3. Фонетическая зарядка.
At first, let’s remember the English sounds and words.
Ourmonkeyhelpsus. Она пошла гулять и видит как
бежит водичка {s}. Tell me please words with this
sound. Слышит как жужжат комарики {z}. Замёрзла
и греет лапки {h}. Вернулась домой и вытряхивает
пыль из диванчика {d}. Из коврика {t}. Прибрала и
зовёт друзей, звонит в колокольчик {n}.
Nikita, please, come here, take one part of the picture. Put
on the blackboard.
4. Игра с мячом.
It’s time to play with a ball. I shall start a game and
throw the ball to you. I’ll say any adjective and you say 2
comparisons of adjectives. For example: kind-kinder-the
kindest. Who was the best? You can take other part of the
5. Look at the screen. Make up sentences with these
adjectives. Whowasthebest?
6. Рассказ о домашнем животном.
Do you have a pet? But Hobbit hasn’t any pets, he wants
to know why people have some pets. Whose story was the
best? You can take other part of the picture.
7. Физминутка. Are you tired? Let’s do exercises.
8. Look at the screen. Hobbit has the next task for us.
It’s the task about seasons. Match seasons with sentences.
Who was the best? You can take the next part of the
9. Hobbit wants us to role play these dialogues on
the topic “Weather”. There are texts on your desks.
Let’s read. Do you understand? Work in pairs for 3
minutes. Prepare your dialogues. Whose dialogue was the
best? You can take other part of the picture.
10. Who is it? Yes! Karlson will visit us the next lesson.
You are excellent pupils today. Thank you for our lesson.
You have marks today. The lesson is over. Good-bye! Say
good-bye our guests!