Презентация "Did you like your old house?" 6 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Did you like your old house?" 6 класс

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Did you like your old house?

Unit 3 lesson 3


  • Яркий
  • Цветной
  • Маленький
  • Большой
  • Красивый
  • Удобный
  • Уютный

Translate from English into Russian

  • An armchair, a carpet on the floor, a TV set;
  • A DVD player, a bed, a computer, a desk;
  • A wardrobe, a poster, a wall unit, a picture;
  • Dining room, a cupboard, a chair, a lamp;
  • A fridge, central heating, modern conveniences;
  • A kitchen, a cooker, a sofa, a mirror.

Translate from Russian into English

  • Кровать, книжная полка, компьютер, письменный стол, шкаф для одежды, зеркало;
  • Телевизор, кресло, диван, ковер, стенка, картина, гостиная комната;
  • Обеденная комната, шкаф для посуды, занавески, стул, стол, лампа;
  • Холодильник, кухня, центральное отопление, водопровод, современные удобства, плита

There was\were

  • … a lot of rooms in the palace.
  • … a soft and comfortable bed in the bedroom.
  • … a table in the middle of the room.
  • … many flowers on the table.
  • … a carpet on the floor.
  • … a bed in the corner of the room.
  • … three windows in the room.

Fill in the gaps.

dining table bedroom cosy garden five modern

  • There was a … kitchen in our old house.
  • There was a … in the middle of the dining room.
  • There were … chairs near the table.
  • There was a … bed in the … .
  • There was a beautiful … in front of the house.


  • Describe your house.