Конспект урока "Дом, мой милый дом" 6 класс

Класс: 6 Б
Тема: Дом, мой милый дом.
Цели: - повторение употребления артиклей
- изучение новых лексических единиц
- повторение употребления предлогов места
- развитие навыков устной речи
Оборудование: компьютер, экран, проектор, учебник, магнитофон,
План урока:
I. организационный момент
II. ознакомление с темой и целями урока
III. речевая разминка
IV. повторение артиклей
V. ведение новых лексических единиц
VI. повторение предлогов места
VII. аудирование
VIII. подведение итогов
Ход урока.
I. Good morning, boys and girls! I’m very glad to see you. Sit down,
- Who is absent? Very good!
II. Today we shall talk about your homes and learn the new words on the
topic “Home, sweet home”. There are aims of our lesson.
III. Now, let’s answer the questions.
Ex. - Have you got your own room?
- Yes, I have/ no, I haven’t
- Is there a bedroom in your flat?
- Yes, there is/ No, there isn’t
- Is your house new or old?
- My house is new/ old
- Do you have a bathroom in your flat?
- Yes, I do/ No, I don’t
- Do you like your flat?
- Yes, I do/ No, I don’t
- Thank you very much. You are good!
IV. Now, look at the board. These are articles.
- Вы помните, что в английском языке существуют два вида
- неопределенный (дается определение)
- определенный (дается определение)
- Very good! Well, let’s do this exercise. You have 2 minutes.
Ex. I have got a box of matches.
There is a beautiful picture on the wall.
This is an egg.
Give me an apple.
Open the door, please.
My father has a car.
Good for you!
V. All the rooms have special things. Look at the board and repeat after me.
a. a bed, a sofa, an armchair, a chair, a table, a desk, a cupboard, a
wardrobe, a wall unit, bookshelves, a video, a TV set, a stereo, a
refrigerator, a stove, a carpet, flowers, curtains, running water,
modern conveniences, central heating.
You can find these words in yout books on page 108-109. Open your
books on these pages and look through them again.
b. What things can you find in the different rooms?
VI. Но чтобы мы могли описать наши квартиры и сказать где и что
находиться, нам нужно повторить предлоги места.
Look! - behind, on, under, near, between, in front of, in the middle of.
Let’s do this exercise.
Ex. The pictures are on the wall.
- The carpet is on the floor.
- There isn’t a wardrobe in my room.
- The bank is between the post office and the museum.
- I have got a photograph of my family on the desk.
- Very good!
VII. Now you’ll listen to the story of Alice about her room. But at first look
through these questions which you must answer on after you listen.
- Ok. Listen to the story twice.
- Well, who want to answer? Ok.
Ex. 1. No, her room is not very small nor very big.
2. Yes, there is.
3. Yes, there is.
4. No, there aren’t.
5. No, there aren’t.
6. There are pink curtains on the window.
7. Yes, she does.
VIII. Our lesson begins to end. I want you to write down your homework.
Ex.4 p.110.
That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.