Презентация "Why Should Pupils Follow The Rules" 6 класс

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Why Should Pupils Follow The Rules?
  • Hello! I’m Sasha Orlov. I’m in the fifth ___. I live in Novgorod. I go to ___ number 7. I like my school, my classmates and my teachers. I think I am a good ___, but my teachers don’t think so. I don’t know why. Can you help me? I’ll tell you about my yesterday school day.
  • My classes usually ___ at 8.30. But yesterday I got up at 8 o’clock and went to school at 9. My first lesson was Russian. It is not my favourite ___ and I missed it.
  • subject, form, begin,
  • pupil, school.
  • My second ___ was History. I like History a lot. I read books about ___ in the past and know many interesting things. Some pupils couldn’t answer the teacher’s ___ and I prompted them. The teacher didn’t like it. Then we had a long break. I ___ around the class and shouted. It ___ funny.
  • ran, lesson, questions,
  • was, events.
  • My third lesson was Maths. We solved ___. It was boring. I looked out of the window. There ___ a lot of birds in the tree and I decided to count them. It was more interesting than to solve problems. But the teacher gave me a bad ___. My fourth lesson was Information ___. I like I.T. because I like to play computer games. But it is dull when the teacher explain how to use ___. So I spoke with my friend and didn’t listen to the teacher. And when he ___ me a question I didn’t answer and got a bad mark.
  • My school day was over. It wasn’t happy. But why?
  • Technology, asked, were,
  • problems, mark, computer.
  • Hi! I’m Beatriz from Spain. In my school we can’t chew gum because it’s a rule. What about your school?
  • Hello, I’m Jennifer from the USA. In my school we cannot chew gum, but some teachers let us do it when they don’t see. I don’t understand why students can’t chew gum because our teachers chew gum! I’m working to change this rule.
  • Hello! I’m Nicolas from France. We can’t chew gum at school. But it is not right, I think. I read that kids learn better when they chew gum.
  • Hello, I’m Susan from Italy. We don’t have this rule at our school. But we can chew gum only during the breaks. I think it is good because we learn at the lessons and relax during the breaks.