Конспект урока "Inventions and Inventors" 11 класс

Конспект урока английского языка
Тема: «Inventions and Inventors»
Цели и задачи:
1. Развитие и совершенствование умения устной речи по теме «Invention»
2. Развитие и совершенствование навыков чтения и перевода текста
3. Развитие фонетического навыка
4. Развитие умения пересказывать прочитанную информацию по плану
5. Закрепление изученного материала Present Perfect Passive and Simple Past Passive
6. Закрепление грамматического материала «Постановка вопросов»
7. Развитие и совершенствование навыков аудирования
Оборудование: аудиозапись, раздаточный материал, мультимедийная презентация
Ход урока:
Этапы урока
IСоздание атмосферы
1. Речевая зарядка
и использование
1. Проверка д.з.
2. План текста
тренировкой во
владении материалом
1. Выражения для
Stand up, please. Good morning, children! Sit down, please. Who is
Answer me
1. What was invented by James Spangler?
2.What have been invented by the end of the 19 century by Alexander
Graham Bell?
3. What was designed by Sergei Korolyev?
4. What was built by Wilbur and Orville Wright in 1903?
5. What was invented in 1926?
Now, take your sheets of paper. Ex.10. Let’s read and translate the task.
Listen to the record very carefully and do the task.
1. Eve's hair was not much longer than mine.
2. The more I listen to this music the more I like it.
3. Not quite as many children have been born this year as last year
4. I have learned slightly less today than yesterday.
5. My grandpa doesn't smoke as much as lie used to
6. I should have studied more to pass the history exam.
Keys : 1. t 2. f 3. t 4. t 5.f 6. t
Now, let’s check up your homework. You should make questions.
1) He invented dynamite in 1867 and a smokeless gunpowder in 1887.
- Did he invent dynamite in 1867?
- Did he invent a smokeless gunpowder in 1887?
- He invented dynamite in 1867, didn’t he?
- He didn’t invent dynamite in 1867, did he?
- Did he invent dynamite or a smokeless gunpowder?
- What did he invent in 1867?
Now, let’s do small plane.
1. Some facts from Nobel’s biography
2. Nobel’s inventions
3. “a merchant of death”
4. outstanding contributions
5. Nobel’s judges
6. December 10, 1901
Write down some word combinations. You should use it.
Id like to retell you about- я хотел бы рассказать вам о…
I have read the information about… - я читал информацию о…
Firstly, Id like to tell you about - сначала, я хотел бы рассказать вам о
чтение текста
Summing up I should say that - делая вывод, хотелось бы сказать,
I like read such information. Мне нравится читать подобную
I dont like read such information. Мне не нравится читать подобную
Fill the missing using the text.
1. Nobel Alfred Bernhard is Swedish … and … was born in ….
2. He invented … in 1867 and … in 1887.
3. Nobel … over 350 patents, many … (e.g., artificial … and leather).
4. He was “a of death” for inventing an … used in war.
5. Nobel Prizes are awards annually to persons or institutions
during the previous year of physics, chemistry, physiology or
medicine, , international peace and ....
6. Each Nobel Prize winner also receives a and bearing the
winner’s name and field of ….
7. The often divide the for achievement in a particular field
among or people.
8. The Nobel Foundation consists of six members: five by the of
the awarding bodies mentioned , and the sixth by the Swedish
9. The members are either or citizens.
10. The on December 10,
Open your books at page 232-233. Divided into three groups. You should
read and translate the 1-st text, you the 2-nd and you the 3-rd.
1. I couldn't live without my computer at home. I use it all the time. It is
like a typewriter and address book for me and it is also used for checking
my spelling. Besides I can go on the Internet and discover everything about
anything, it's a brilliant source of information. I've designed my own
website and I'm getting loads of information for school. Besides some
websites are packed with quizzes, games and competitions, it's all you need
for hours of fun on your computer. You can play and learn on it. It is
absolutely essential. I don't know how I ever managed-without it. But my
elder sister thinks people are getting a bit too dependent on computers. She
thinks that we rely on them too much. My sister says, "You can't rely on all
the information, you don't know who it has been written by or where it's
coming from. To be dependent on anything, especially a lifeless machine,
that can quite easily break down, is not good. Besides computers shouldn't
replace seeing your friends."
2. I couldn't possibly live without my car. Convenience seems to be the
most common and most logical answer: cars take you where you want to
go and when you want to go there. I can travel freely and comfortably
wherever I want. Besides it allows me to live where I want as I can easily
get to the place I need with the help of the car. Besides a car is a way of
self-expression. I really hate to be without it. I think a car is a necessity
rather than a luxury. But my wife thinks there are too many cars in our
cities. Some people use them in cases when they could go on foot for
example when going to buy a newspaper in a kiosk. It's necessary to give
thought to problems caused by cars. Pollution, accidents and so on. She
says that cars are useful but not essential and it's nice when cars are banned
from the central shopping areas. I don't agree with such situation but I have
to accept it. My wife prefers to go to work using intercity transportation
5.Итог урока
system. She says that during the rush hour, a trip from our home to her
work by car takes much more time than a trip on foot. But I prefer to use
my car. It suits me.
3. I couldn't imagine my life without my phone or I should say phones
because I've got a mobile, too. I need a telephone to get in touch with my
friends or to call the police or an ambulance. It is almost impossible for me
to live without my phones. At home I've got a cordless telephone, I think it
saves time when you have a receiver just at hand. But my mum was against
buying a cordless phone because if there is some problem with electricity it
wouldn't work and you'll be totally lost. She also thinks that it is a luxury to
have a mobile, it is too expensive, it is more trouble than it's worth. Besides
she says that mobiles are dangerous for health. The rays may cause
headaches and even more dangerous diseases. I don't believe her. For me
my telephones are really invaluable.
Open your record books and write down your home task: retell this text
and read/translate the text at page 232-233.
Stand up, please. Thank you for your good work. I like your work. I give
you a five/ a four, a three. Our lesson is over. Good bye!