Конспект урока "Почему ты изучаешь английский язык?" 7 класс

Т е м а у р о к а : Почему ты изучаешь английский язык?
Дата: 04.12.2015
Класс: 7
Тип урока: урок систематизации предыдущих знаний учащихся
Цель урока: Развивать навыки коммуникативной компетенции учащихся.
Задачи урока:
практиковать учащихся во всех видах речевой деятельности;
активизировать употребление лексики по теме, расширять словарный запас;
способствовать ознакомлению с иноязычной культурой и расширению
кругозора учащихся средствами иностранного языка;
прививать интерес к изучению английского языка;
развивать навыки устной речи по теме «Изучение иностранного языка».
Оборудование: записи на доске, листы с транскрипционными звуками, карточки с
вопросами и ответами, видео, презентация, проектор, смайлики для рефлексии, 4
ручки в качества подарка, учебник, рабочая тетрадь.
Х о д у р о к а
Организационный момент
Good morning, boys and girls! (Good morning)
I haven’t seen you for ages. I am glad to see you again. (We are glad to see you too.)
How are you? (We are fine, thanks. And how are you?)
1 am fine, thank you. Sit down, please.
Let’s remember our poem: Wake body, wake mind!
Work, play, seek, find!
Eat breakfast, dinner too,
Wash, brush, sing, dance and do! (1 минута)
На доске : 5 14 7 12 9 19 8 12 1 14 7 21 1 7 5
What do think we will speak about today? Yes, we are going to speak about the English
language and its role in our life. And the topic of our lesson is «Why Do We Study
English?» And today at the lesson we will try to answer this question.
( 1 минута)
I. Фонетическая разминка
You can see some transcriptions of the words on the blackboard. But some sounds are
missed. Your task is to read the transcription of the word and complete the missing sounds.
So, who wants to begin?
[ә’fi_әl] official [ ]
[,intә’n_fәnәl] international [ ]
[‘lәengwi__] language [ ]
[‘_ngli_] English [ ] [ ]
Учитель обращает внимание учащихся на доску, где зашифровано словосочетание
Look at the blackboard. You can see the numbers. Each number means the letter in the
English alphabet. It is a word combination. Did you guess? (1 минута)
Yes you are right.
[spi:_] - speak [k]
[‘st_di] - study [ ]
(3 минуты)
Great work.
II. Речевая разминка (слайды3,4)
Now let’s speak about what English is for people in the world. Look at the scheme and try to
make a sentence:
(4 минуты)
Look at the slide, please. Read the examples, please.
That’s great.
III. Проверка домашнего задания.
Your hometask was ex.3 p. 29 in your workbooks. Let’s check the task. Who wants to read
the reasons for studying English?
Great done. (4 минуты)
IV. Развитие навыков чтения и говорения.
It’s necessary to know the reasons for learning English. Think over and write down all the
possible reasons. You may use the pictures in your textbooks on p. 44-45. So, open your
textbooks on p. 44. You will have 1 minute to do the task. (2 минуты)
Let’s read the text if you have written all the possible reasons. It’s ex. 42 p. 44.
You will have 3 minutes to read the text.
Your time is up. What are the reasons for learning English?
Great work. (5 минут)
V. Физкультминутка (слайды 5,6,7)
I see you look tired. Let’s do Timed Pair Share.
I want you to divide into 2 groups. So, I’ll give you cards. You can see questions or answers
on you cards. Your task is to find a correct answer to each question.
1) How can we study English? - We can study English watching English movies.
2) Where can we study English? - We can study English at school, at school, at special
English courses, traveling around the world, living in an English-speaking country,
communicating with native speakers, with the help of Internet (2 минуты)
That’s great. Now we have 2 groups.
The task is to answer the question: “Why do I study English?” You will have one minute to
discuss the question with your partner.
Which of you has darker eyes, that pupil begins. One, two, three, go!
Your time is up. Now another pupil begins.
Your time is up. Let’s listen to Adilya and Salavat. (5 минут)
Very well.
VI. Просмотр видео “Why do you study English?
Now we are going to watch the video and then you will answer my questions.
1) So, Why is it important to learn English?
(4 минуты)
That’s wonderful.
The English language is the
language of…
VII. Закрепление навыков.
And now let’s play a little. I have got a mystery note but cannot understand it. Can you help
me? (Cлайд 10) (5)
Does English help you to do the task?
Of, course.
VIII. Установка на домашнее задание.
Write 100-120 words about why you study English. Write down in your diares. ( 1 минута)
IX. Подведение итогов урока.
So, what new things have you learnt today? And now tell me why we study English? Is it
necessary? (3 минуты)
Today you spoke English very well. Thank you for your answers. They were good. And I
have some presents for you. But you should tell me how you can use the presents in studying
For example: I can write letters to my pen friends with this pen.
So,did you like the lesson? On your tables you can see the cards with the smiling signs. If
you liked our lesson, take this sign, if you not, take another one. (3 минуты)
Mind the clock
And keep the rule,
Try to come
In time to school.
Your marks for today are… The lesson is over.
Good bye!
Your work was excellent today.