Презентация "Modal Verbs. Can" 10 класс

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Modal Verbs
  • Can
Try to translate:
  • We can communicate with each other very well.
  • Can you really read each other’s thoughts?
  • How can they say the same thing at the same time?
What does “can” describe in these sentences?
  • obligation?
  • ability?
  • possibility?
Can=be able to
  • “Can” has no infinitive, -ing forms or participles.
  • So, when necessary, we use “to be able to”.
Can you translate?
  • I’d like to be able to swim.
  • In the future, people will be able to build cities under water.
  • She enjoys being able to drive.
  • He has been able to speak French since he was 5.
We use “could” or “was/were able to” to talk about general ability to do something in the past.
  • I could / was able to speak French when I was 7.
A particular situation
  • We must use “was/were able to” when we speak about a particular situation.
  • We can also use
  • “managed to” (+ infinitive) or
  • “succeeded in” (+ -ing form), especially when the action was difficult to do.
Mike was not at school yesterday but we were able to speak to him over the telephone. We managed to speak to him over the telephone.
  • Not: We could speak to him…
In negative sentences we can use could not for both general ability and particular situations.
  • When I was 7, I couldn’t speak German.
  • Mike was not at school yesterday, and we couldn’t speak to him.
Chose the correct answer.
  • 1. Mary was a very talented girl. She ….. read when she was only four.
  • a) can
  • b) could
  • c) couldn’t
Chose the correct answer.
  • 2. Where are you going on holiday? – I hope I’ll …… visit my grandparents on Lake Baikal.
  • a) can
  • b) could
  • c) be able to
Chose the correct answer.
  • 3. Have you found any information for your history report? – You know, it’s been really difficult, but I …… finally find an interesting article in a newer magazine. Now I know what to write about.
  • a) couldn’t
  • b) was able to
  • c) could
Chose the correct answer.
  • 4. Mary missed a lot of classes and …… pass the test yesterday. But the teacher has allowed her to retake it next week.
  • a) couldn’t
  • b) could
  • c) can’t
Chose the correct answer.
  • 5. My younger brother learned to skate when he was three. Now he’s seven and he ……. skate more quickly than anybody else in the family.
  • a) could
  • b) can’t
  • c) can
The answers:
  • 1. could
  • 2. be able to
  • 3. was able to
  • 4. couldn’t
  • 5. can